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Desperate measures



Retired sex worker forced to launch a career comeback

A retired Francistown commercial sex worker has been forced to contemplate a revival of her profession after she was recently thrown out of the family home at Somerset East.

44-year-old Rosinah Phiri who called it quits as a sex worker, almost 10 years ago because of ill health said she was planning to go back to the streets to start offering her services to eke out a living.

This is because the poor woman was recently told to leave the family house although she is sick and unemployed.

Phiri is quite aware that prostitution was a very risky job and that it wouldn’t be as easy as it was when she was younger,but because of the sudden turn of events, she has no choice but to come out of retirement and practice what she knows how to do best just to make ends meets.

“Truly speaking I know the dangers of prostitution and I am aware that I am not as fresh looking as I was before, but currently I have no option.

There is nowhere to find money for rent and that is why I have therefore decided to start selling my body again for cash like I did all those years,” Phiri said fighting back tears.

Although her family knows about her current health condition, Phiri was surprised when her brother told her to vacate the family house to look for accommodation somewhere else.

“When I explained that doctors have advised me not to do any hard work, my brother said that was not his problem.

All he wanted was for me to vacate the house,” said Phiri who suffers from a wide range of illness including Asthma and High blood pressure.

Although her mother had no problem with her using a room in the family home, Phiri’s brother insists that she must leave.

“My brother is always harassing me probably because he wants to sell the plot since he is married and has his own place to stay.

Since I became sick my brother does not even want to see me and he is the same person making my life a living hell and driving me away to the streets,” the former sex worker who is currently on government welfare food ration programme lamented.

Asked why she decided prostitution was her only option, Phiri said she was neither educated nor capable of finding any another job because of her health.


“Prostitution is the only profession I know.

Yes I am a bit old now but I know that sex trade is the easiest way of making money,” Phiri revealed adding that when she was selling her body for money she never bothered anyone or begged for money.

To make things worse, the woman does not have a child of her own or man who could assist her in life.

“All I want is to raise money to pay my rent and stop bothering my family who are turning a deaf ear to my pleas,” she said explaining that all her colleagues died because of HIV related illness.

Her mother has another home in Shashe village but Phiri would burden her with her looking after yet another person when the old woman is alreadylooking after orphaned grand children whose parents died a long time ago.

“It wont be easy but I will just go back to streets where I am confident I willat least make my monthly rental,” She said.