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Deloitte Commits to Driving Sustainable Developmental Change in Botswana

Delloite Botswana
DRIVEN: L to R Lwazi Bam (Deloitte Africa) Doug Vining (FutureWorld), Max Marinelli (Deloitte Botswana)
Deloitte Botswana has once again recommitted itself to be agents of sustainable developmental change in the country.

In a message shared recently at a stakeholder session it became apparent that change sustainability is a leadership imperative that has the power to transform communities, industries and nations.

The session brought together members of the Deloitte Africa team and local industry leaders for an evening of dialogue around celebrating the Deloitte Botswana heritage and driving a call to champion leadership of continuous change.

“At Deloitte Botswana, we are committed to the power of engagement and the power of change to transform people, communities, and our economy. For us, the storm on the horizon is not a flurry of turbulence to be feared,” said Deloitte Country Managing Partner, Max Marinelli.

“It is the promise of rain, of blessings, and of hope for renewed life, renewed vigour, and opportunity for growth that we as a country yearn for. Since its early days of operations in Botswana, Deloitte was determined to wield some kind of impact in the country, to help her thrive, and to play a truly active role in the story of her growth,” He said.

Renowned Futurist and Chief Technology Advisor to the Future World Global Think Tank, Doug Vining delivered an insightful keynote address on thriving in the perfect storm in a truly connected world. “As ordinary products become connected, the business models change. Suddenly, manufacturers find themselves in information businesses.”

Understanding the proverbial waves of change are therefore imperative, Vining shared.

This is against the perfect storm of trust crisis, security and regulatory reform, a technological tsunami, the explosion of new and different competitors, and pressure from customers, citizens, business, media and indeed all stakeholders.

Vining further said society is changing, and businesses need to remain relevant to journey through the storm. “It’s all about the societal, geo-political, technological and business context for tomorrow’s world,” noted Vining.

With up to three billion new minds joining the global economy in the next ten years, tens of trillions in emerging buying power, and a new internet-empowered entrepreneurial class, today’s businesses find themselves in a brave new world.

It is a world in which everyone and everything is connected.