Death by the roadside

Gofaone Koogotsitse
CHARGED: Mukaro and Tachiona (yellow top)

16-year-old pedestrian fatally struck by a truck

A Zimbabwean truck driver and his homeboy are accused of causing the death of a 16-year-old pedestrian through their dangerous driving.

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The 36-year-old duo, Terrance Mukaro and Polcup Tachiona, who did not know each other prior to the Friday night tragedy, appeared before the Magistrates Court this week.

It was heard that at around 1930hrs on 3 November, near Botswana Power Cooperation (BPC) offices in Molepolole, Mukaro was driving a Volvo Tipper Truck when he swerved to avoid bumping the other man’s Toyota Cargo.

Tachiona had apparently only indicated that he was turning off late, by which point the truck was already very close.

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In his haste to miss the car, Mukaro reportedly veered off the road, where he sadly bumped into Katlo Botho Ntswelebe, who was standing, unseen in the dark, by the roadside.

During Monday’s arraignment, Investigating Officer (IO), Sergeant Ontlafetse revealed there was slight doubt over exactly who was behind the wheel in the truck.

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Outlining the confusion, Ontlafetse explained Tachiona had originally informed the cops that Mukaro was not the one driving the truck at the time of the accident.

The IO also argued that as foreign nationals, both suspects represent a flight risk and so were not suitable bail candidates.

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Outraged at both suggestions, Mukaro told court, “I never fled the scene, I am not an illegal immigrant I have a proper driving licence, residence and work permits. I’m the one who was driving I even handed myself to the police, why should I run away and why should I be detained?”

His co-accused, Tachiona backed this up, explaining he had mistakenly given the police incorrect information out of shock.

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“After the accident I didn’t run away, I might have been confused because I was shocked. The truck driver went away after the accident and we only met later at the hospital. Later, after the passenger who was in the truck, called and I mistakenly thought he was the one driving,” clarified Tachiona.

To their dismay, both men were remanded in custody, where they will remain until their next mention, set for 30 November.

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