DESEASED: Raphael Shoopara

Maun businessman and priest found half naked and dead in his vehicle
A grim discovery of the body of a well-known Maun priest by a Bana Ba Letsatsi day care centre boy last Wednesday has left the northern tourism town in shock.
The rumour mill is now on overdrive that the New Apostolic Church (NAP) priest and businessman, Raphael Shoopara Sekeli (47) popularly known as Rra Tsebe of Moeti, was murdered in cold blood. He was found half naked at the back seat of his recently bought Mazda 323 near the riverbank.
His removed pants were covering his private parts while the car keys and cash stashed wallet were in the pockets, immediately ruling out robbery. No visible wounds were found on his body though blood oozed from his mouth and nostrils.
Although Assistant Superintendent Alakanani David of Maun Criminal Investigative Department said the cause of death is still unclear, some suspect he was strangled.
The Voice has been reliably informed that on Tuesday last week, a healthy and vibrant Shoopara was seen at bar 2000 in Sedie ward around 10pm. He was in the company of a woman. The two did not take long inside the bar as they looked as if they were in search of something before vanishing into the night.
Another source claimed that on the night of the incident he saw the deceased’s car driving to the riverbank. After a while, the witness said he peeped through the window. He said he then saw three men in masks and gloves walking past from the river and joining a woman who was leaning on a car by the tarred road.
“If it is murder, he was not killed at the scene. The culprits might have driven him there already dead. He might have been strangled,” said the witness, who out of fear would not be identified.
The widow of the deceased Bridget Shoopara (45) was at pains when explaining the last moments with her husband of 22 years.

WIDOW: Bridget Shoopara

She said on Tuesday last week, Shoopara came home from business, bade her farewell and left for his part-time tutoring job at a vocational training institute near Maun Clinic.
“My hope of seeing him alive after I had spent a restless night home alone turned lurid when the police delivered the sad news.  If it is murder, to God I cast my eyes and wait in hope, for his vengeance for the innocent is incomparable.”


  1. wena mosadi bosigo botlhe o sa bone monna wa gago one wa tsaya kgato efe? More so that he is ( sorry was)a priest o ne a ka se lale nageng. Kgotsa one a kgona go check bana ba phuthego bosigo a bo a rapela bosigo botlhe? PRIEST & BAR THEY DONT GO TOGETHER.

  2. nna ke sone se o bonang ke sa tsene kereke ke gana go ne gore ke bonwe ke ya ko kerekeng kamoso kebo ke bonwa ko bareng.o bo oiipotsa gore gatwe go diragalang.

  3. I cannot understand this story is too short little details is even difficult for me to comment.

  4. a go batlwe mosadi yo a bonweng a na le ene ko bareng ke ene a itseng sengwe le sengwe.i feel sory for the wife , his soul rest in peace.Modimo o itse tsotlhe le nako e re ya go ene.Batho re setse re feta le tsone diphologolo ka boswele, o ka ikanya naga gona le motho.

    Rest in peace Rra Tsebe

  5. A Ratsebe a robale ka kgotso. i dnt get da story gore eng keng so i cant comment further. Modimo o teng if bonokwane bongwe bo dirilwe botla senoga ka thato ya modimo. Go tsena mo bareng o le mokeresete ga se sebe ba gaetsho wabe o sa ya gonwa bojalwa.

  6. ke sone seo monza, people like judging ba ba bangwe, a kere bara ke shop go rekisiwa le dijo mo teng, a mokeresete o tshwanelwa ke go laolelwa mesepele, we people on this earth ga re itse sepe tse tsotlhe di itsewe ke ramasedi ke ene a ka atlholang, batho ba bangwe ga ba tsene mo bareng mme badira dilo tse di maswe fela thata, ba lowa, ba betelela,ba jalase,ba utswa go go ntsintsi fela…!go tsena kereke ga se gore motho wa bo a raya gore ke Jeso kana o ka nna e ne, e a bo e le go leka go tshela sekeresete,go botoka jang go leofa o eta o ya go kopa boitshwarelo jwa dibe ka letsatsi le lengwe go na le go leofela mo dibing tse di boitshegang……!

  7. exactly monza,all wht i can comment on ke gore a mme wa mmelaelwa a thlohlomisiwe oka tswa ka sengwe golo foo ke ipotsa gore fa batho ba gaketse kago ganyaola ba bangwe jana lefatshe leya kae? pps y a u doin ths to others..emisang go ikitsha ditau mo diphologolong tse dingwe.aooooooooo!!

  8. Eish,sorry for the loss.The lady who was with the man before he died must tell the story.What was she doing with a married man at night in the bars and by the river bank?

  9. mosadi yoo o itse ko monna a teng, a tlhothomisiwe. all night obone gole monate heela o robala o saitse ko mfundisi a teng? Kana legale mfundisi o ne a ile ko go small.., hmmmm!

  10. nnyaya Ruri. oa itse gore basadi ba setswana ga ba botse monna gore o ko kae corner to corner bogolojang ele moruti. kana ole mosadi o kgona go belaela gore o ile go thusa bangwe ba phuthego kana o mo maitisong

  11. @ Monza I do agree le wena ga go atwe bakeresete ba seka ba tsena mo bareng ee, sebe ke sone molato Rra Tsebe golo hoo ha a leoha. Mare ene mme yoa bonweng a na nae o ka tso ka nnete, the story is also too short can u elaborate more on the next issue.

  12. it’s just tht ther’s a lot of mystery attached to the story,but we hope things unfold in time and everyone gets wat they deserv,except for mmamoruti.no one deserves her pain and we will pray for her to find the healing of the heart.

  13. go tsena mo bareng o le moruti ga se boleo its better go na le baba re lowang ba iphithile mme ba re ke bezelwana rmb nnwa mofini boleo bo dirilwe ke babolai mosadi yo a neng a na le ene o ta tswa ka nnete lefa ele gore ke small house o pelo ee maswe le monna wa gagwe o ka mmiletsa dirukhuthi shit!!

  14. @ Eazy, Keba, and the whole lot of these imbeciles. Ke gore someone is mourning and in deep pain, and lona you busy writing moronic, senseless and silly comments on public media! do u knw how it is to lose a loved one? Do u even know what the said priest was doing ko bareng? I wish u cud just write ur names in full so we could know gore le a lwala! Jus because u hav the right to voice ur opinions doesn’t mean u have to utter every bit of nonsense that comes into ya empty heads! I wonder why the Voice management does nt have a way of screening and dealing away with such idiotic and useless comments.
    To Mma Shoopara, pleas be comforted Mmaetsho. God allowed it to happen, and only He knows what is going on and pleas remain focused on Him!

  15. i jst wonder gore o rumotse mang, coz he was a gud man. Maun is very dangerous, one shud b careful ha a tla go leka botshelo coz its like batho ba maun ga ba batle go bona an outsider a tswelela mo ga bone.
    May his soul rest in peace

  16. Good pips lets stop being hush on the grieving lady coz the story is too short gongwe o ne a lekile go leletsa monna 4ne ele off or maybe monna a sena 4ne u neva no,but sengwe sone 4 sho o se dirile coz one ale concerned ka di whereabouts tsa monna wa gagwe otherwise a gomotsege mosadi wa Modimo and may the deceased’s soul RIP!

  17. aaaaaaaa….koore wa bo a ne a senyetsa bo brother ko kerekeng mo bareng ne ba reka dicondom ba tla bo ba ne ba batla eng gape?kana wine ya selalelo?ke morapedi so ba

  18. Ke nnete, the last person to be seen le moruti ke ene a ka tswang ka tsone..Ebile gatwe ba bonwe ekete ba batla mongwe mo bareng..A mosadi yoo a botsolotswe gore ga direga jwang after…

  19. Gomotsega Mmanfundisi pin yr eyes and hopes to the Lord, He knows all what is happening. Everything has its own tym, we do not know when and how we are going to die. se lele jaaka ekete gaona tsholofelo, re ba eti mo lefatsheng leng. fela jaaka Modimo a ne a seka a latlha Job le wena fela Jalo. may His soul rest in peace and may God be with His family. Lefatshe le tsile bokhutlong!!

  20. All can b said nd heard,but the priest ‘s death is a mysterious one.Peeps things do happen in this world and u can imagine how painful it is to slip without the luv of your life,.it was ironic for mmaetsho bcos sadly she neva got to c him again..i fil pity for u n may God help u n show u the day..u neva no mayb that was Moruti ‘s calling n ne a tshabisiwa bogale jo bo tlaa tlang.may his soul RIP n continue to be obedient to GOD..Mmaetsho a pelo ya go e se fuduege n o se lele jaka motho a sena tumelo,Modimo o teng ngwana wa bomma.

  21. @King George i undrstand wat u a syn bt u words cnt change a thing. al i can say s dat Mme shoopara just hve faith in God sengwe le sengwe sena le motlha wa sone le fa gole bohloko jang go tla siama. may ur huby soul rest in peace.

  22. mma-moruti gomotsega mme o gomotsegele ruri..modimo o tsere.a dikeledi tsa gago di se ele le marama..i ffel that pain of loosing ur loved one.modimo ke ene a itseng.

  23. @king george n kek.dik, we need more people like you who knows when ish is serious,go tsena mo bareng doesnt mean oya gonwa and go bonwa ona le mosadi doesnt mean oya gomo robala,morons who think like that are kwik to judge others otla fitlhela ele dilo disele fela tsedi padileng nxa,,,mowa wa ga rre otla robala ka kagiso,mmaetsho gomotsega gatwe ba ba tsamayang ba tshabisiwa bogale bo bo tlang.

  24. i cn hardly get the story,details are too short,,,Ratsebe o dirile eng batho?
    otherwise may ur soul rest in peace!!!

  25. Wena Ruri o ka tswa o tsenwa,motho wa swa wena ware gongwe one a ile go cheka small house.Fa e ne e le rrago o ka bo osa bue masepa a.ke eng ba sa bolae wena wa utlwa gore go bothoko go swa.

  26. owai, bo ntuane, what new is he going to bring to the nation, ke raya ka ke mo BDP. he first came into the house as a specially elected MP, our president o tsere matsapa a gagwe a ya go mo kopela tlhopho, janong wa ja wa kgora ebile ga sa tlhola a bona botsadi ka sepe. ba tlhola ba tsositse modumo ka leina la tautona wa rona ba mmabisa ditsebe… borra tlhe a ko lo iketlele tautona wa rona a dire tiro ya gagwe lo tla mo tsenya bati. cum 2014 BDP e wina all the constituencies. Nna ga ke followe party e sena maitlamo ape a a botoka, e sena chairman. Ke etla koo gae next year ke tla go ipaakanyetsa go oketsa tlhopho ya BDP come 2014…….A e jeke domi…!!

  27. @King George,ke a go akgola kgaitsadiaka.o bua mahoko a kgomotso rurui ke ipotsa gore bone ha ba kwala bomata jo bo kana bo Keba ba bone batsadi ba tsille go tshelela ruri ne?Leso bomma le lebagane mongwe le mongwe.ga se gore bagalona ke bone ba jeleng rre yo tota.le borai tota bana ke lona ka dipuo tse di bosula gole botho.Ba lelwapa loora Shoopara, gomotsegang bagarona.

  28. Waitse fa ele bo priest ba dis days ke mathata ba tsena mo dibareng? 10PM ke nako ya gore a priest a bo a nale mosadi wa gagwe nt bars cum on.

  29. @ dodo, ija nna ke ne ke re gongwe ke nna ke sa mo tlhaloganyeng batho ba Modimo, ya bo Ntuane yone e tsamaelana jang le ya matlhotlhapelo a diragetseng a bathong. A moya wa ga Shoopara o robale ka kagiso le MmaShoopara a gomotsege a seka a lela jaaka ba ba sa itseng

  30. @ dodo:nne kere o mo utlwe,ga ke itse gr o akgela mo go efeng kgang.a ruri a sena seabe mo polaong ya ntate moruti jaanon a sa batle go buiwa ka kgang ya teng

  31. @dodo; Nnyaa ruri. Kgobedu has completely lost it.Ke lemoga gore BMD ga e mo robatse. Rona maBDP a matona ga re tshoge. Gomotsegang booraShoopara. Let us hope mmolai o tlaa tshwarwa.

  32. this is to sad go ya ko bareng is no problem but you guys who are making joks over this thinking that you are not seen lae enelela every thing in your life mo modimoo will be up side down.

  33. Alright everybody shut the hell up now!! Let us all go to church devil is just getting started,this is darker than you’ll think so shush……….! you dead nigga rest man i hope u had said ur prayers!!

  34. King George you must be one of the killas, do u think your name is in full. moruti, bara, mosadi mfana yo e ne e le dealer….

  35. @Kgobedu, tota ke eng ona le go ikhapaanya le setlhogo sa puo. jaanong bo Ntuaana bone o batsenya ha kae? A matlhatlha pelo a ke a wena o ka buang se o sebua se!!! Nxa!!!!!!!!!! re a lela wena o bua matlakala… ke eng one o sa didimale gona le go bua jaana… o tsenya polotiki gongwe le gongwe, le ha e satseneng teng. A lapa la ga Shoopara le gomotsege balele jaaka ba ba solofetseng. Modimo o teng ebile o mogolo.

  36. Really judging other people won’t get us anywhere,because you’ll never know why this priest was at the bar in the first place maybe he was looking for someone he was to councsel you’ll never know ( did you know that God can send you to meet with someone at any place He chooses?).So wena Keba and cothers you can not make a decision of not going to church based on what you see someone do or say more so you have no idea why they do such,on the day you stand before God you can not give this as an excuse that you saw some christians doing this and so you chose not to follow God, it’s a personal choice and because it’s a personal choice no one can MAKE you choose what you don’t want, so what you choose is what YOU wanted.
    Stuff happen in life and you don’t stop living just because you saw someone do this and that, you CHOOSE to go ahead and do exactly that you saw that person that dissapointed you do hoping and believing you’ll do it differently, so don’t blame people for your choices, they behave however they choose to and you CHOOSE to react anyhow you react.So make decisions that suit and benefit you not decisions that are influenced by someonelse.

  37. People are different and i must say, i agree. But for someone to bad mouth the dead? Its some morality defect, lets just try to be sensitive.

    The lady who was last seen le moruti should know what happened, i bet she is human too and should come 4wad and help out.

    May his soul rest in PEACE

  38. OK! Let’s say ga re jaje… but just thinking aloud – moruti ko bareng bosigo a na le motho wa mme yo e seng mosadi wa gagwe!!! Ahhh!!!

    Mo ke go re buisa dilo waitse. O kae ene mme wa teng go riana?

  39. nna ke lela le mme yo kagore kene kesantse ke solofetse dithuso tsedi botoka mogo moruti,ke ipotsa gore aketla thola ke kgona monna wame kagore moruti keene aneng a santse a tswharisitse lorato la rona ka thalenyana e tshesane,ene ele gone areng otlaaa tiisa mo bogaufing,hei ke sweletse jaanong.

  40. Akere lea utwa gore Moruti one a lebega a batla sengwe,kante kemang a rileng motho faa ya bareng oa bo a ile go dira dilo tse di maswe? annway o weditse sebaka sa gagwe sa tshiamo!

  41. Sure Mosadinyana! moruti o weditse nako ya gagwe ya Tshiamo, Modimo o ne a lemogile gore o tloga a tsena mo nakong ya tshiamologo so o mo tsere a ise a tlale dibe

  42. ke bo dog hela,jaaka ba bangwe what is the point of going to church more especially e neng moruti a e tsena coz ke santlha go diragala…botlhodi

  43. @Kgobedu,wena o tshwanetse wa bo o tsenwa waitse,Mmashopoora wa lela o bua ka bo Ntuane batho ba ba senang kelello