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Dear Police Commissioner

Dear Police Commissioner
Police Commissioner

You know Shaya is a responsible person who loves his country dearly but of late I find it hard to sing the national anthem with any enthusiasm.

It pains me to say it but I am no longer proud of this nation. Our country is filled with criminals – they snatch and rob people by force and are often willing to kill for a phone.

The latest trend is where they ride a combi and on the way rob people of their valuable assets.

Mr Commissioner, give me permission to add you to a group called Fight Crime in Gaborone on Facebook, you will see how your people are suffering in the streets while police officers are busy doing nothing in their stations.

When someone posts pornography on FB you’re quick to act but are nowhere to be seen when the more serious crimes are taking place!

What happened to patrols and stop and search? Leave those charge offices and go onto the streets just like traffic officers do.

Don’t wait for a crime to be committed but instead prevent it.

In case you run out of ideas, invite Shaya for a 30 minutes lecture.

By the way, in South Africa they now shoot to kill.

Lets clean this before it gets out of hand.