Dear Gase,

My six-year-old daughter has a school friend who I don’t like.

I feel awful saying that about a child, but every time she’s around my daughter, I am challengedfor days afterwards with bad behaviour.

She clearly doesn’t have many boundaries at home and is rude, loud, answers back and my daughter usually ends up crying at the end of a visit.

The thing is, my daughter seems to idolise this girl.
What do I do?

Gase says..

It is likely that the parents of your daughter’s friend are either not around or are too busy at work to have much input into curbing her bad behaviour, but that shouldn’t become your problem.

If you really think this girl is having such a negative effect, then tell your daughter that if she ever copies this girl’s behaviour again, then there will be no more play dates with her.

And you have to mean it at the first sign of trouble, take this girl home or cancel the play date.

You’ll be denying her something that’s important to her, so, hopefully, it will make her rethink her behaviour.

You should also start encouraging her to invite other friends home.
At this age, kids change friends like the wind, so you might find this friendship doesn’t last anyway.

I think you should also explain to your daughter that people don’t like rude children.

Ultimately, kids of this age are desperate to please and want to be popular.

But if you’re worried about upsetting her now for being in with the wrong crowd, what will you be like when she’s 15?
At least now you have 100% control, which you won’t when she’s a teen!

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