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Daniel Kenosi’s high court appeal dismissed

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Controversial journalist Daniel Kenosi’s bid to have his cybercrime case moved to the High Court has failed.

Village Magistrate Mompati Taolo dismissed Kenosi’s appeal this morning (Monday 8th May), describing the application as ‘an excuse to delay the case’.

Kenosi faces two charges: one count of the publication of pornographic or obscene material and a further count of unlawful possession of obscene material.

He was arrested on the 24th of March 2015 and has been out on bail ever since, as his high-profile case continues to stall.

The accused’s arguments for transferring his case to High Court were that he was a journalist exercising his profession when the charges were made.

Kenosi also argued that the second charge contradicted his right to privacy.

Before opposing the application, Taolo warned that journalism should be practiced within the law, adding that some of the reasons listed on the appeal application would be raised during trial.

Taolo noted that the state previously told court they were guided by what was posted on Facebook, where it is not clear that the applicant’s rights were violated.

Kenosi’s case is scheduled to start on the 19th of June at Village Magistrates.