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D-day for the BFA

D-day for the BFA
SOON TO BE PARTED: Motlogelwa and Letshwiti

Botswana Football Association (BFA) President, MacLean Letshwiti is expected to make a number of decisions at Saturday’s General Assembly that will leave certain high-profile National Executive Committee (NEC) members jobless.

The biggest head on the chopping block is the BFA’s Vice President Finance, Marshlow Motlogelwa.

Reports reaching Voice Sport are that the VP’s position at the BFA is under threat with Letshwiti keen to see the back of him.

Motlogelwa’s woes are believed to have started when he submitted a financial report that was to be presented at the assembly.

However, Letshwiti refused to sign the report due to a number of gaps and irregularities.

The BFA subsequently engaged an external auditor to clear the mist but it appears things are not adding up.

According to a reliable source from one of the regions, delegations were supposed to be given packs covering the agenda, president speech and financial report – all of which are present except the financial statement.

“We were supposed to be given that 21 days before the assembly. There were lots of loopholes in the report that Letshwiti, as a reputable businessman, managed to identify. From the past meetings that item was taken light but this time we have someone who understands finances better,” he told Voice Sport.

Speaking freely under the condition of anonymity, the source went on to say, “Motlogelwa and our finance officer Susan Lawrence will be held accountable for this and they will be fired.”

He claimed that a worried Motlogelwa and other NEC members are desperately trying to lobby delegates to persuade Letshwiti to fire BFA CEO Ookeditse Malesu for exposing their dodgy doings.

It is alleged some of them were awarding tenders to their personal companies and overcharging the association.

“The audit will reveal a lot of things and we cannot rest until we see the results. From the past AGM it was indicated that P2 million was used to pay BURS. After some time the current regime was surprised that they still owe BURS and they threatened to close our office,” he added

When contacted for a comment, Motlogelwa denied that the books were not adding up.

He admitted the financial statements were not sent to delegates because something was omitted.

“We are going through some changes and we realised all these years Botswana Premier League finances weren’t included in the report yet they fall under us. We will communicate with them before the end of the week and if the report is not ready we will see what to do,” claimed a seemingly unworried Motlogelwa.