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Cycling against cervical cancer

Cycling against cervical cancer
GROUP PIC: Ouma Cycling Team and Ministry of Health And Wellness Representatives

Ouma Cycling Team has embarked on a nation-wide tour to create awareness on cervical cancer in various villages and settlements across the country.

The cycling charity tour will cover, among other things, inspiring and educating youth, especially women, on the spirit of patriotism; the importance of education; health and wellness; self reliance; accountability; charity volunteerism and humanity.

Since the tour first started in 2013, the team have covered 65 villages – this year they intend to reach 69.

The initiative’s founder, Ouma Rammidi told Voice Sport that she was inspired to start such an undertaking by the death of her mother, who was killed by cervical cancer.

Rammidi revealed that on the ride, she will be accompanied by a mobile clinic, which will conduct public education, screening and treatment.

“This journey is painful, long and difficult but I will not rest until I reach my aim of saving lives. My mother died of cancer while I was young and I do not want that to happen to other people because of lack of knowledge. This is my commitment and passion towards my country. I am not getting paid nor getting donations for this event, I do it at my own expenses,” explained the selfless cycling enthusiast.

Cycling against cervical cancer
SAVING LIVES: Ouma Rammidi

Meanwhile, Ndibo Monyatsi, of Ministry of Health and Wellness, warned they would not manage to fight diseases without the help of the community.

According to Monyatsi, cervical cancer is the most prominent cancer in the country and accounts for 1, 106 of the 3, 847 people currently diagnosed with cancer in Botswana.

“It is important to fight this disease because it can be prevented. As the ministry we have started cervical prevention vaccine for the young girls. We can only achieve this by spreading the message and we are thankful for what Ouma cycling team is doing,” said Monyatsi.

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