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Culoe de song invades Ghetto



Culoe De Song (Culolethu Zulu), the talented South African DJ and music producer, will this Friday perform at Lizard Entertainment.

Popularly known for his song, No Contest, Culoe’s music career began in early 2007 where he produced a piece that made him a feature in Black Coffee’s second offering, “Have Another One”.

The track was named “100 Zulu Warriors” and carries a fundamental importance for Culoe De Song as he regards it as ‘his beginning’.

Mike Njuga, the Lizard Entertainment manager said the revelers in Francistown will be in for a treat tonight.

DJ Da-Drat (Ndaba Ncube) and DJ Slim (Brian Monamati) will play the supporting act.

P60 gets you in before 10pm.