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Creative, bankable bosses



They are their own bosses, turning self taught skills into fulfilling work and along the way expanding their businesses to take on greater roles.

Voice Woman gets a glimpse into these two women’s creative environments.


As an art lover she tells stories creating spaces in different colors, textures and design.

“I love all things beautiful and take the time to enhance this passion with taking up specialized studies to be able to share it with a discerning clientele with an eye for sophistication.” Says self – made interior and set designer and marketer, Malebogo Busang.

Founder and Creative Director of an Events Company; Black White & Love Pty Ltd, Busang, who has a keen interest in hand crafts has also registered a Furniture & Accessories Brand based and operating in tourist town of Maun.

“Maun is a fast growing tourism hub with immense opportunities for uniquely crafted events that service a diverse market including locals and international clients. The Maun community is driven, eager to learn and try new things. This makes it a complete fit with my vision to be a part of global shapers through my talents.”

A proud mother of two, Busang is also currently the chairperson of Lady Olebile Masire Youth Centre, Busang says, “I am at my happiest when I contribute to other people’s growth, especially impressionable minds. It is fulfilling to give back. So when I am not spending quality time with my children cooking or on a road trip, listening to a carefully selected playlist with my life partner, I seek ways to combine spaces with never seen before décor elements. It is certainly a plus to be able to make others feel great and feed my family doing what I love dearly.”

Busang adopts an unconventional event design approach and her work is exceptional. “I love nature and tend to design serene spaces that complement the surroundings and of course give a glimpse of who the client is. A well executed brief has no room for normal or safe. One must push boundaries with an eclectic mix of global design trends. There is no right or wrong but precision matters.”

With her ultimate guest being the Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel; Paris, Busang shares her dream space to host her guest.

“I would blow his mind with an impressive African meets French set-up, in the middle of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans where luxury with accents of rustic, leather and beaded trimmings will be added as the two toast the sunset. I am well read and travelled hence my broad appreciation for design. I keep an open eye and pick on trends to apply alongside what is available and unique to us in Botswana.”

Challenging environments such as fighting cancer and going through a divorce taught Busang, who is in her 40’s, humility and the sincerity of love and life. I have had to learn to be patient and most of all, listen to my gut. I am grateful to my biggest cheerleaders; my children, my dear mother, eldest sister and my life partner. My greatest lesson has been to try not to take more than I can handle but rather pace myself, indulging in dark chocolate and of course, a beautifully aged red wine. One day, God willing I will enjoy these, yachting along the Thamalakane River.”

Inspired to be a guiding force in her three daughter’s lives, 40 -year-old Masa Thibedi tried her hand at entrepreneurship whilst studying at the University of Botswana.

“I sold clothes bought in Joburg and sewn skirts from jeans and they sold like hot cakes.”

Even though after graduation Thibedi joined the corporate world for a significant number of years, she recently banked on her tenacious character and decided to pursue her business interests.

“I have always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship and learnt a lot about business during my varsity days including debtors and creditors which I now master. I loved money and understood that to own what I wished for, I needed money. So I work hard to one day own my heart desires and provide my children great grounding experiences.

Thibedi has her claws in multiple businesses and determined to provide others with an opportunity of work.

“We all have a responsibility to contribute to the economy of our country so I aspire to be a successful employer. Our market is saturated and the population is not particularly growing, so focusing on one will be suicide for me, but not to say it will not work for the next person. When one business is not doing well I can always fall back on the other. That’s how I strike a balance.”

“I enjoy involved work that sparks creativity hence I run a landscaping company which is currently on site at Bokamoso Lenmed Private Hospital, I am proud of the work we are doing there, I also run an events catering company; servicing a niche market of small group gatherings and a PR/Marketing company offering staff training and corporate gifts. I am driven by passion and never afraid to get my hands dirty. Business needs commitment and ability to learn on the job said the marketing major. It is completely different from my years as the savvy executive but I would not trade it for anything. I am having the time of my life answering to myself every day. Running a business is not easy but it can be done,” Thibedi says.