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The councillor must resign

The councillor must resign
Chendzimu John

For the past week, social media networks have been buzzing with BDP councillor for Sebina’s alleged sordid sex life,which imploded into the public domain with a purported salacious conversation between the accused counsellor and the Minister of Education, Skills and Development, Fedelis Molao on how to conceal the suspected offence.

Temporary Facebook pages of alleged sexual abuse victims of the 39- year old man popped up to tell their gripping stories of how a sexual predator pried on them many years ago and stole their innocence and their health.

Many of those who accused the man of molesting them when they were still children, including his alleged niece, Kedibonye Amon, however did not respond to request to grant interviews and de-activated their accounts after a day or two.

In the wake of a public outcry for the fallen councillor to resign, Voice Reporter, Dubani Wa- Dubani went on the streets of Francistown to find out the people’s opinion on the matter.

Chendzimu John :“Defiling and impregnating children are not only cruel but demonic acts as well.

These things interfere with their education and expose them to sex and parenthood before they are mature enough to face the challenges involved.

Those found guilty of such acts should be severely punished. If I had my way people who commit such acts would be sentenced to death.”

The councillor must resign
James Motlogelwa

James Motlogelwa: “It’s child abuse, straight and simple.

As leaders councillors and others in authority should behave in an exemplary manner because most young people look up to them.

If what is being said about the Sebina councilor is true he should resign from his position and the BDP.

I would say he deserves to rot in jail”

Wabone Matende: “Such acts are a disgrace to us as nation and those who have sex with children must be punished.

We need to protect our children from such vultures. One way of doing this would be to raise the legal age of sexual consent to at least 18.

I think 16- year-olds are not mature enough to make such a decision.”

Maikutlo Sosele:“As a student the Sebina story has deeply touched.

It scares me because it involves a councilor who is a leader that should have been exemplary in his behaviour.

What kind of example is this? Impregnating a school child works against government efforts to fight teenage pregnancy in schools.

Only an irresponsible leader or parent would do this.

Such people deserve prison and should never be given positions of responsibility.”

Lame Raleteba: “If this councilor has done as alleged and made a schoolgirl pregnant then we are not safe.

He is a leader who should be trusted not to abuse school kids.

If leaders do such things they should be imprisoned and banned from leadership positions.

I pity the girl because her education has been interrupted and she might never get the chance to go back to school”