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Cops suspended for fleecing foreigners

Cops suspended for fleecing foreigners

Molepolole village police officers found themselves on the wrong side of the law for soliciting bribery from illegal immigrants.

The two officers, Constable Robert Sephiri and Constable Mmoloki Mosinga have been slapped with a two week – suspension for receiving a minimum of P100. 00 each in cash from Zimbabwean illegal immigrants.

Police spokesperson Witness Bosija who said he could not comment much on the issue as it is administrative confirmed that two of their officers have been taken on administration action on issues incompatible with a contract for Botswana Police.“ The issues are related to misconduct of officers,” he noted.

According to police sources, several Zimbabweans were arrested during police continuous operation for illegal immigrants. Some had overstayed while others did not have passports.

“One of the Zimbabwean men had his girlfriend detained and when he was phoned to pay admission of guilt, which is P100. 00, he was shocked, as he knew that he had already paid the required amount to Constable Mosinga.

The two constables were investigated and allegedly found to have maintained constant communication with the offenders, soliciting money from them.

The suspension was meant for the two officers to rehabilitate themselves and not to interfere with the investigations.

However, when the investigations are complete, the two officers will appear in court as they have committed a criminal offense. An effort to reach the two suspended officers went futile.