Cop's son shot dead
SHOT DEAD: Kemolatlhe

Suspected to have been a thief

It seems a policeman’s son, suspected to be a habitual thief, attempted one robbery too many when he was shot and killed allegedly attempting to break into his neighbour’s car on Saturday night.

23-year-old Laone Kemolatlhe is believed to have been carrying a loaded gun when, under the cover of darkness, he reportedly snuck into his neighbour’s yard in Lobatse’s Crescent location with two friends.

According to a source in the area, upon realising the intruder was armed, the neighbour, a doctor at Athlone Hospital, shot Kemolatlhe in self-defence.

The deceased’s accomplices then fled the scene in terror.

It is alleged Kemolatlhe, who was nicknamed ‘Big boy’, had robbed the doctor before.

Indeed, as the Kemolatlhe family, who declined The Voice’s request for an interview, mourn their son’s death, the mood in the rest of the neighbourhood was noticeably less sombre.

Displaying barely a flicker of remorse at the young man’s fate, a neighbour said: “We have always complained about this boy but his father, who is a police officer, was always defending him.”

N04 District Lobatse Officer Commanding, Alakanani Makobo confirmed the incident, adding investigations were being conducted to determine the cause of the shooting.

“We received a call on Saturday night about the incident. At the moment I cannot reveal much as it might jeopardise our investigations,” he told The Voice cautiously.

“We have not arrested or laid charges against anyone in connection with the shooting. I can also confirm that the deceased’s father is one of my officers,” Makobo added.

It is rumoured Kemolatlhe’s girlfriend was arrested after being found in possession of a pistol and bullets, suspected to have been used in the (alleged) attempted robbery.

However, when questioned on this, Makobo said he could not comment as ‘investigations are ongoing’.

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