MURDERED-VIOLENCE: Keodiretse Olefile (ID) & vandalised handset

Mother claims killer was released Days after beating up her daughter
A grieving family has blasted the police as ‘useless’ as they mourn their daughter’s brutal death in yet another passion killing case.
Keodiretse Olefile, 26, was found strangled with her own leggings last week in her room in Lotlhakane village, days after police had briefly detained then released her lover who had beaten her up and threatened to kill her.
27-year-old Kebonyemodisa Phenyadingwe of Tebogo ward in Mmathethe is again in police custody a week after his death threats were reported to Sejelo Police in Kanye. On three separate occasions in which he either attacked or threatened his victim, the police allegedly dismissed the matter.

DEVASTATED: Botshana Olefile

He finally killed her
Keodiretse’s distraught mother Botshana Olefile, 56, has blamed police, accusing them of negligence. “This could have been avoided if they had helped in keeping that man away. They knew my daughter’s life was in danger, but they shrugged off her complaints,” she said.
She claimed that Phenyadingwe had threatening to kill her on several occasions. “He was ever consumed with jealousy and he was tormenting my daughter,” she added.
Kanye Police station commander, Bakae Bolebantswe could only confirm that they have detained the deceased’s boyfriend as part of their investigations, as he was the last person to be seen with her the evening before her death.
Keodiretse was found dead last week Monday in her room at her employer’s place in Lotlhakane East in the Southern District. Her cousin Boitumelo Sejabopi explained: “The suspicion is that the attack was done outside the house because she was found laid in bed with the shoes still on and was covered with the blankets. She was strangled with her leggings.”
Her employer who preferred anonymity said the discovery was made after Keodiretse, who worked as a waitress, failed to show up for work.
“She was an early riser but when she didn’t show up at the main house I went to her room and discovered the body in bed. At first I thought she was sleeping and when I pulled the blankets from her face I realized she was dead. I ran back to the main house to report to my husband and we called the police,” she explained.


  1. The so called lawenforcers are now enforcing the crime.kgaitsadi a mowa wa gagwe o robale ka kgotso

  2. bo tinto ke mathata bo sempe khibidu, ga baitse gore gatwe senkganang senthola merwalo motho wa bone wa bolaya basadi bale kana kana,waitse lefatshe la lwala ka rre ka ntate.

  3. I am really hurt by the story. The problem is not the police but the law of our country. At tyms the police’s hands are tied at the bk. They are not the ones who can send a suspect to prison for remand ths lies with the magistrate. The police have only 48 hours to kp thz criminals in their cells. I just wish that coward a fiwe a death sentence.

  4. may her soul rest in peace. May the family find comfort even during this difficult tym. Modimo o moggolo bethso ke ene fela a itseng tsotlhe

  5. a o batho,ke gore ka kuku ntsi banna ba bangwe ke eng bale sellfish.hang the bastard.banna ba nna bare thala mme ga se gantsi re ba bolaya

  6. @ teh i like your comment, people are too quick to blame the police, dey dont come up with solutions. if i were to ask, mapodisi a ka bo a dirile eng???

  7. waitse bo kebonyemodisa ba dirisiwa ke saatane!!,… booraOlefile gomotsegang,..hopefuly justice will be served,..monna yo o tshwanetse ke katlholelo loso,..e seng jalo o taa ba fetsa banyana ba ko letlhakane!!

  8. A mpheletse a le tlhaeng ke kare MME Botshana gomotsega o gomotsegele ruri ga se gr Modimo o go tlhoile fa a go tseela kgarejwana e tshwanang KEODIRETSE.MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE!!!!

  9. In this case I dnt thnk the police is to blame cz ya bone tiro ba e dirile, they detained tha culprit and released him ene o itseetse molao mo diatleng on his own, let justice take its course and may her soul RIP!!!!!!!!

  10. bantse jalo dilo tse go tweng ke mapodise tse gabana tiro dilo tse a ba bone gore batswa jang ka ngwana yoo wa batho.ha ele tintonyana yoo ene ba mo kaletse a se….

  11. eish nowadais ke mathata,dnt knw gore go diragalang ka sepodisi sa ga rona..wats up ka banna kante?ba senyeletsa ba bangwe!!

  12. eish lona ga le itse’ mapodise mo kgannyeng tsa baratani ba go ja setshego ga o tla o ikuela ka fa o le mo mathateng ka teng ebile o tla utlwa bare”waitse re bereka banna le basadi fela malatsi ano haa! ba a lapisega talking from experience

  13. gotla twen batho Modimo o ten.may her soul rest in peace.tota lo sotla mapodisi fela bathon,kana le bone ba setse molao morago…ao!a ba tshele.


  15. shame!Mapodisi wee! Ke gore le ne le ka ikutla jang fa e ne e le your sisters ba diragaletswe ke the same thing! May her soul rest in peace

  16. mapodisi ga a thuse sepe esp, whn it comes to dikgang tsa marato,fa le lwa they detain monna for a day a bo a go raya are motlogele ke teng,fela fa o gana go mo naya phasele o bulela seganka seo,and thats y we have many lives di gapiwa,they never act,the only tymthey do ke fa go setse gole late. may her soul rest in peace ,yoo ene a kalediwe,aseka a senya le setampa sa ko prison,he is so inhumane

  17. Waitse bno Thukwi ruri ba hutsegile.Just leasen to the name”THUKWI” wats dats.people a hurt and all he can say is commenting on Mma Olefile’s looks,we dont even know what his mother looks like.Shame on u.To Olefile’s family, the Lord will be your strength.May her soul rest in peace.

  18. @ all guys ths s a sad incident indeed,sumthn hs 2 b done.iz not da first story in just 2 months sumone killed afta askin 4 help mo go ba molao.go thuba pelo e le ruri.2 da family ka re gomotsegang batho betsho,modimo o gona.may her soul rest in peace!!!

  19. What is this country comming to now? The law of the country is to blame for all this “nonsense”. It all started with kids having rights and I knew right then, we are doomed. Dear God 2.0 what we gonna do?
    The law of the land and people’s attitudes need to change. This is a sad thing to happen to anyone’s child.

  20. ah gents tlhe banna le rona lets stop being insecure,wa go fitlhela gorilla ya teng e le yone ne e cheata,just because he knows what he was is doing o akanya gore the girlfriend wa se dira,gents lets stop cheating to avoid go nna insecure for nothing,been there done that nou ke tlogetse mas$$$a ao

  21. Let him rot in jail we dnt need animals like him in our society, tota gatwe wat happened, ijakg!!!

  22. basadi ba malatsi a, le bone ba rata matlhale a difilimi. nna nka batla go itse gore why mokau a bolaile, coz basadi malatsi a ba senyegile they think ba tshwanetse to mess guys n left alone like that. until ba itharabologelwa otherwise more ba tlo retlogela the same way. mosadimogolo o fitlhela ane a itse the story behind the scenes then took side ya ngwana wa gagwe. god forbid.

  23. lo tla simolola go itse gore mapodise ga useless ba sena go go ntsha mo leganong la tau,ke eng o sa nne lepodise wena re tle re bone gore ao tla dira any difference?why cant u just appreciate their good job?

  24. Ao bathong!!!!! Kante gatwe reya kae betsho? It rilly hurts go bona dilo tse di santse di diragala. i always prefer to leave judging to GOD. I don’t wanna judge anything or anybody but such things di utlwisa botlhoko. Go diriwe eng Bannkane gore re emise this passions killings? LETS ALL HELP GUYS! I THINK WE NEED SERIOUS COUNSELING. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE.

  25. Makgantsetse, o bua eng tota wa ineelela no mater wat fa go pala tlogela,se nkganang se nthola morwalo gore lo kgaogane go rileng ga goreye gore o bolae.u mis seabelo,u catch mahube botshelo bo a tswelela kana motho yoo wa bo asa tsholelwa wena.re thokana le dithapelo tse di tiileng,go thata di brother le tdone di thasetswe ko dikereng di feditse bana ba phuthego.

  26. Makgantsetse, o bua eng tota wa ineelela no mater wat fa go pala tlogela,se nkganang se nthola morwalo gore lo kgaogane go rileng ga goreye gore o bolae.u mis seabelo,u catch mahube botshelo bo a tswelela kana motho yoo wa bo asa tsholelwa wena.re thokana le dithapelo tse di tiileng,go thata di brother le tsone di thasetswe ko dikereng di feditse bana ba phuthego.

  27. shame on u Thukwi wena o bua leswe fela..gongwe ur mum is worse..may her soul rest i peace.gomotsega le gomotsegele ruri