Home Court Stories Convicted rapist pastor granted retrial

Convicted rapist pastor granted retrial

Teen's friends to testify against her -She sent me three nude pictures- Pastor

Convicted rapist pastor grated retrial
PASTOR: Mooketsi Lesole

It looked like the die was cast

His fate in the slammer seemed certain after the judge pronounced him guilty of indecent assault.

A stroke of luck has however bought him more time and a second shot at freedom as friends to his accuser came forward to testify that the young woman that the accused fire church pastor had allegedly fondled before ejaculating in the sink had set him up and tempted him.

This week the disgraced fire church pastor, Mooketsi Lesole successfully filed for a retrial, claiming that the victim had tempted him by sending him three nude pictures.

The case which was ongoing at the Village Magistrate court was scheduled for mitigation and sentencing when the pastor’s lawyers filed for the retrial.

Village Chief Magistrate, Mompati Taolo granted the pastor’s request.

In the order, Taolo ruled, “proceedings are stayed pending the outcome of the application for retrial and that next mention should be set for 23rd November 2018.”

The incident happened three years ago when pastor Lesole of Eagle Nest Church allegedly forcibly fondled the victim, an 18- year old church member.

In his fresh affidavit seen by The Voice, the pastor admits that he was charged and convicted on a single count of indecent assault.

In the affidavit the pastor claims that to his luck he has recently been approached by two of the victims friends, who made damning claims that the victim had ‘told them the truth about the ordeal.’

“Of paramount importance, they confirm that they knew of the affair or flirtatious relationship I had with Pono and that they personally saw intimate texts between her and I. They also told me that when warned to stop her advances, she was dismissive and did not seem to take advice. They further confirmed that she was showing off about our relationship, was excited and also stated that she would be getting gifts from me,” he said

The pastor further claims that the victim’s friends told him that she (the victim) desperately wanted the pastor to visit her house when she was alone on the day of the incident.

“As to the motive of reporting the matter to the police, it is confirmed that Jessica had only done so due to pressure from her family and for fear of being sued by the pastor’s wife for marriage wrecking,” the pastor claims.

The pastor further states in court papers that “This, coupled with the fact that she sent me three (3) nude pictures before I went to her house bears testimony to the invitation.

Convicted rapist pastor grated retrial

EVIDENCE: Sent Image

The motive for reporting the “offence” is also apparent from the affidavits of her friends in that she was pressurized to do so by her brother and for fear of being sued for marriage wrecking

Initially in an exclusive interview with The Voice earlier this year, the victim who is now 21 years old, spoke of how she was still getting flashes from her ordeal as if it had happened yesterday.

She claimed in the interview that she was terrified. “I remember he touched my breasts and private parts and then he ejaculated in the kitchen sink.

He then washed off his sperms and wiped his hands with the dish towel.” The young woman had told the court.

The case continues.