Faras says:
Hi Gase, people always talk of “Follow your dreams”, but getting started is always a challenge if you don’t have funds.

Gase says:
True…it’s very, very tough when there are no funds to set up projects…but whatever the circumstances, following your dreams means being persistent…never giving up no matter how many doors get shut in your face. Keep striving to reach your greatest potential, keep knocking on those doors and never let your dream out of your sight, funds or no funds…because your big break may be just around the corner.

Lena says:
Funds come wrapped in different packages so much that at times we fail to see it. I listened to a testimony of someone I know who always wished to run a cab/taxi but did not have funds. Today they run that private cab and have two combis.
First he worked for someone as a driver but had a deal, so much per week for owner then rest is his. He bought his first combi through this deal. Then he worked as driver again for someone for a year as payment for the combi and a year later it was his. He did not only become an employer(needed someone to run other combi) but managed to buy a cab within a five year period.

Gase says:
Thank you Lena for your wise words and for sharing the testimony of someone you know, who is living proof that indeed we must continue to follow our dreams even when we do not have the funds to get started.

Faras let Lena’s words encourage and inspire you to follow your dreams in spite of the challenges…until you achieve your goal/s. It is a rocky road…one that demands resilience and perseverance.

At times you may even feel like giving it all up; but what is the alternative? Like many people have done and learned the hard way, you could ditch your dreams and opt for something else just because it’s easier…but that will only end in disappointment.

So, I’d advise you to stick with your dreams even if start-up capital is a challenge right now. Never stop looking for ways to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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