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Confusion ensues in BDP election appeal

Confusion ensues in BDP election appeal
APPEALING: Khumongwana Maoto

Who exactly in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is supposed to handle the appeal by losing candidates in the just ended primary elections in Francistown?

This is the question that disgruntled veterans, Lamodimo Dikomang and Khumongwana Maoto would like answered after a youthful political novice, Modiri Lucas recently beat them at the polls.

The two immediately launched an appeal, citing irregularities prior to the elections.

Ford Moiteela who lost the council primary elections is also protesting the outcome.

Confusion however seems to have ensued on whether the matter should be resolved by the BDP Francistown Regional Committee or the electoral board.

“It is not a secret that both candidates didn’t accept the election results. They are appealing and matters like this one are sent straight to the Electoral Board,” said the Regional Committee Chairperson, Baemedi Medupi

The electoral board however passed the buck back to the Regional office when contacted for a comment on the matter.

“Francistown Regional office would be better placed to give more information on the matter. The regional office has been empowered to deal with such complaints and make rulings on them,” Retorted the new Chairperson of the Electoral Board,Peter Siele in a telephone interview.

In the meantime the two BDP veterans would have to wait indefinitely for that answer.