On Saturday, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at the bus rank in Gaborone in a queue waiting for a bus to Mochudi when he overheard passengers discussing their various experiences of travelling by bus.

CONDUCTOR: Those in a hurry who don’t mind standing, get in the bus!

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS: (after the bus leaves) Bus conductors take us for granted. Why would I want to stand in a bus after a hard day’s work?

BRAIDED HAIR LADY: Bus conductors have an attitude. They want standing passengers so they can steal extra bucks to fill their pockets.

LADY IN BLUE SHIRT: Even if you were to come on time to secure a seat, you’d still not be comfortable because of standing passengers leaning against your shoulder.

By the time you arrive home, your shoulders are aching as if you were carrying a heavy bag of cement.

BRAIDED LADY: If you opt to stand, conductors force you to move to the back of the bus to give way for other passengers.

And then when its time to get off the bus, the driver passes your bus stop. How annoying!

LADY IN A BLUE SHIRT: What is even more annoying is that when they finally stop for you way past your destination, instead of an apology, the driver rudely asks why you stood at the back when you knew you were about to get off.

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS: Two months back, I knocked off late from work.

I opted to stand on the last bus. It was am extremely slow bus.

When we started to complain, we were told that the bus lights were not working so we had to follow another bus to Bokaa and rely on it to light the way for us.

LADY IN BLUE SHIRT: Bus operators are greedy.

Instead of servicing their cars, they’d rather endanger passengers lives by cutting costs.

Imagine how many lives would have been lost had the bus collided with a huge truck.

The conversation ends as the next bus parks and eveyone gets in.

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