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‘Coalition government a mistake’ warns Molefhi

'Coalition government a mistake' warns Molefhi
BDP STALWART: Nonofo Molefhi

Infrastructure and Housing Development Minister, Nonofo Molefhi, last Saturday warned Nshakazhogwe residents not to vote for the Umbrella for Democratic Change, claiming coalition governments seldom work.

Molefhi, who is also Botswana Democratic Party MP for Selibi Phikwe East, was speaking at a victory party celebrating BDP council candidate, Anthony Wabuya Chebani’s triumph in the last elections.

Calling on the villagers to ignore the opposition and stick with the BDP at the next elections, Molefhi said, “The Botswana National Front, The Botswana People’s Party and the Botswana Movement for Democratic Change want you to vote them into power as the Umbrella for Democratic Change. I warn you not to do that because coalition governments are not easy to run. Each party in such an arrangement wants its share of power and influence. This makes it difficult to run a government effectively. As far as I know, coalition governments have seldom worked worldwide.”

Minister Molefhi went on to cite the current political instability in nearby Lesotho as an example of a failing coalition government.

“This morning, as I passed through Francistown, I met Mr. Patrick Balopi, who was rushing to the airport. He told me he was on his way to Lesotho to mediate in the crisis in that country. The government there is not working because it is made up of more than one party. If you vote for the UDC you will get a government that will not work,” the BDP big wig warned.

On another note, Molefhi told his audience that the BDP’s track record since independence should be evidence enough of the party’s governing capabilities.

“We have always strived to build a united nation and provided necessities, such as water, education and health facilities. We intend to continue working hard to improve the lives of those who have, through their vote, given us the responsibility to govern the country,” he said.

For his part, the victory party host, councillor Chebani, promised to continue working hard to improve the lives of Nshakashogwe residents.

“Since you voted me in, I have, among other things, built a shelter for outpatients at the clinic, brought a social worker to our village and convinced the government to post two police officers who will be assisted by special constables in our village. I intend to work hard to bring more services to this village,” he said, urging the residents to continue voting BDP for the sake of economic and social progress.