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CIPA to introduce online registration

CIPA to introduce online registration
ADDRESSING THE MEDIA; CIPA Registrar General Conductor Masena and Legal Advisor Pego Aisam

Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) are currently working on introducing online registration for companies.

This was revealed by the organisation’s Registrar General, Conductor Masena, during this week’s media briefing to mark the official launch of CIPA’s upcoming Corporate Registers Forum (CRF).

He explained that hosting the forum, scheduled for the 21st to the 25th of May, will help CIPA benchmark and learn from the best international practice with regards to efficient business registration.

“CIPA will be assisted by the government of New Zealand to implement the much anticipated Companies and Business Names online registry. The service is expected to roll out during the course of this year once the proposed Bills are passed by the current sitting parliament,” he told the gathered media.

“We also network with other CRF member countries to benefit from various technical workshops and trainings aimed at improving service delivery within our registries,” continued Masena.

He described improving the ease of doing business as a national priority as it will help achieve sustainable economic development in Botswana by making the country a destination of choice for investment.

Masena promised CIPA would continue monitoring and reviewing their processes to improve the accessibility of their services.

He said after the Bill is passed, companies that registered manually will be required to re-register online or they will be de-registered.

“After the approval of our request, the plan is to implement a robust stakeholder national consultation to ensure that we educate the public on the requirement of online registration and re-registration.

“We will also submit the re-registration regulations to the Attorney General Chambers to ensure they are approved within a reasonable time,” he added.

The 14th edition of the annual CRF Conference will be held under the theme ‘Corporate Registries, A Critical Vehicle for Global Economic Growth’.