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Church exorcises ‘thokolosi’ in Thamaga


There was a sigh of relief from Keseilwe family members, Sunday morning, in Thamaga village after a church found a hyena paw suspected to be “thokolosi,” which has allegedly been terrorising them for the past two years.

The said thokolosi which was found inside a big drum of traditional brew was removed by members of Hefesia Christian Church in a dramatic ritual.

It took the church a whole night of intense prayers, singing and dancing before they ‘captured’ the furry hyena paw from within a fermenting ‘khadi’ brew the following morning.

Arch Bishop, Lesego Motsamai, who grabbed the grimy capture with his bare hands explained that although the thokolosi looked like a dead hyena paw, it was a dangerous thing that has seen relationships failing and has caused untold suffering among family members.