Home Business Choppies found to be contravening labour laws

Choppies found to be contravening labour laws

Choppies found to be contravening labour laws

A nation-wide inspection of Choppies stores conducted by the Ministry of Labour has exposed non-compliance in areas relating to overtime allowance, sick leave and severance benefits, parliament has been told.

Responding to a question in parliament, Minister of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development, Tshenolo Mabeo announced that inspections carried out by the ministry in 35 stores last year revealed flouting of labour laws.

Mabeo was addressing a query from Gaborone North Member of Parliament (MP) Haskins Nkaigwa, who had asked the minister to state what is being done to address the alleged ill-treatment of Choppies employees by the company.

According to Mabeo, in a meeting they had with Choppies management on the 4th of this month, the retail chain supermarket is said to have given assurance that the defects identified during the inspection have been rectified.

Furthermore, Mabeo says Choppies was also found not to be fully compliant when it comes to overtime payment.

“Upon follow-up, management indicated that the correct procedures for payment of overtime are now being used,” said Mabeo, explaining of particular concern was overtime payable during rest periods and public holidays.

Asked if he is aware that some company employees go home with salaries ranging from 0 -300 Pula monthly due to shortages incurred during the course of work, Mabeo said he was not aware of such.

He revealed the issue of deductions from wages did not surface during labour inspection but invited anyone affected to report the matter at the labour office.

The Minister says they have also advised the management of Choppies to establish a social dialogue structures in order to minimize conflicts and employee grievances.


  1. If this was in another country they would be fined HEAVILY for flouting labour laws and not just do something about it

  2. The company Fined Heavily and made to BACKPAY the workers as it sends a clear message that this should never happen again