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Officials of the Chobe Landboard have advised residents from the eight villages under their jurisdiction to follow laid down procedures and bury their loved ones at gazetted burial sites.

The Board Secretary Kealeboga Kemoreile told journalists at the ongoing retreat that they are concerned with this growing trend by families to bury the dead in their homes.

“Just recently we had to deal with two matters where some members of the community wanted to bury loved ones in their yards,” he said.

BOARD MEMBERS: Chairperson Johane Chenjekwa and Kealeboga Kemoreile

Kemoreile said the reasons that are usually advanced for this uncommon phenomenon in Chobe varies from family to family. “Others would claim it was the deceased’s dying wish to be buried in their yard, while others will give cultural or traditional reasons,” he said.

“Whatever the reasons provided, this is wrong. All the eight villages have set aside land specifically for burial purposes,” added Kemoreile.

The Board Secretary further said in an eco sensitive area like Chobe it is important to have a controlled and central burial site which can be managed.

“Our duty as Landboard is to give guidance on land use and we hope residents will work with us in our endeavour to properly administer and manage land,” said Kemoreile.

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