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Chillstep Sundays grows

Chillstep Sundays grows
Some of the work on display

A collage of music, art and food

You might have seen the videos. They are vibrant and colorful; depicting a beautiful existence of indulgence.

An unresistable combination of music, great food and art is the order of the day at the Chill Step Sunday’s gatherings.

An initiative started by youth in efforts to help promote and develop the arts & culture community in Botswana, Chillstep Sundays focuses on youth in arts, more in particular fine arts, fashion and food.

“The word ‘Chillstep’ is a sub genre under electro music. It’s a smooth and therapeutic sound that leaves nothing but a unique and priceless feeling”.

Says Thabo Chadhall Letsebe who founded the idea.

Every last Sunday of the month, Chillstep hosts over 15 artists who exhibit their work to and audience of over 200 people.

The movement has helped build a number of artists leading to sales and invitations to participate in exhibitions outside the country.

Artists have gone on to exhibit in Zimbabwe and their work displayed at restaurants, offices and other spaces locally.

Chillstep Sundays organizers are looking at growing the brand to include more exhibitions and host similar events outside the capital city.

On its 12th edition, Chillstep will this weekend be hosted at its new location for the winter period; Zambezi Towers Basement.

Attendees will be spoilt for choice with an array of art crafts, music and food.

It is a family friendly environment that also allows for business collaborations.