Yarona FM award winning sports anchor MacDonald Chillyboy Rakgare is allegedly leaving the station to join rivals Duma FM. Since the arrival of Thabo Osekeng from Duma FM this year, there were unconfirmed reports that the two were not getting along, as their egos got in the way of their jobs. Though he did not announce on his Sunday show, Rakgare gave a hint that he is indeed leaving the youthful station where he has made a name for himself. Without giving much away, he said he was going on leave this weekend, before adding amidst his usual snigger, “ke ta a boa, go ta a siama,” (I will be back, it will be fine).
Reached for comment, Rakgare denied the allegations saying he was only going on leave.
“I’m not going anywhere. The only person who is leaving is Sudden Death sports analyst Zee,” he told Shaya.

Some things people do for football are shocking. From chickens to knives, now it is bathing with blood of dead people. Allegedly one premier league team has found a new way of winning. Rumor has it that, the club has some people who work at mortuaries who suck blood from corpses for the players at the club. There is however one player who is said to be not happy with the arrangement and is already thinking of leaving the club. The use of muti in African football is legendary, but never before has Shaya heard of human blood being used to win matches. My verdict however is that the blood is not working because if it was, the said team would be leading the log.

Whatever is going on with this young man needs urgent attention. Ever since he got married the gentleman whose celebrity status is at its lowest point has been behaving like a possessed teenager. The son to a prominent political figure was spotted at Kilimanjaro shopping complex beating the hell out of one patron. The irate fellow slapped the poor patron so hard, that he fainted. Revelers watched in dismay as the once popular figure showed his bad side.

We have heard of personal biff between the likes of 2Pac and Biggie, Scar and Zeus, Magosi and Real Magosi. All these are hip hop artists and such hostilities are common in the genre. Have you ever heard of a rock biff? Well, apparently there is a long standing feud between some of the local rock bands. Shaya has been informed that, things are not good between Nosey Road Band and Metal Orizon. The feud has now spread to other bands with the likes of Wrust, Amok and STANE taking sides with Metal Orizon, while the likes of Dust N Fire, Overthrust and Skeletal Saints sticking up to Nosey road. The situation is so bad that the other crew seem to be hell-bent on sabotaging the other one. Each time the other group plans a show, the rival group counters with a show of their own. This results in poor turn up for both shows as fans are divided between the two shows. Whatever it is, Shaya is not amused; this is not good for the industry.

The reigning beauty queen in one of the local pageants, organized by a former beauty queen is said to be playing hide and seek with one of the contestants over a pair of shoes. Yours Truly has been informed that, the beauty queen was sharing a room with the affected contestant only to stuff some of her belongings into her bag the following day. When confronted she is said to have made it clear that she had taken the shoes and would return them but has since been playing hide and seek. A little birdie has whispered to Shaya that, the lass was spotted wearing the said shoes a week ago. Come on lady, bring back the shoes.

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king L

le nna ke belaela chilly boy a tsamaya.. waitse le nna ke ntse ke belaela gore thabiso nasha wa peka


matho achilly mma le one nkare o meditse potata e mollo

king L

hey, wa mmona ne senana, o mompenyana,ga a pila gothelele


Thabiso Nasha!!!!!!!!!!Wat happend to the ring,its no longer on the finger!


nnyaya wena senana o mmona sentle, kana matlho a teng o kare lekope le dakela lehetho….ha o kare o tshogile jaana.


Shaya ga o somole tota how do people suck blood from the dead why don’t u name them and shame them kana kamoso re tsoga re isitse our relatives to the alleged mortuary.


Mo janong ke gone maka there is nothing like that gago tlhapa ka madi a baswi, moswi faa isiwa ko mortureng oa bo a ntse a omile go tswa kogo wa marina unless ba marina ke bone ba dirang jalo! Kare le leka ka bojohle go ipatlela dikgang!


goes this min gore sudden death ya mova?? ooooh chilly boy i lyk da show very much


This morning,Thursday 4th November Yarona Fm Sport was presented by Chillyboy,so la re o dumpile Yaron Fm


a chiliboy a tsamae ga a na botho a meno o kare a ka hala dipitsa…


Chilly boy s one of the best radio personalities mo Yaronafm,,so fa o vaya Mr re sweletse rona ba re ratang sports