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CHILLIN’OUT 08/10/10




Of late Yours Truly has been attending a lot of fashion shows and beauty contests; but for an entirely different reason. While most people admire suits, lingerie and dresses displayed by models, I’m always there to admire the ladies and how their bodies are cut out. It is the way their outfits tightly hug their bodies that just do it for me. It is during these moments that my eyes pop out and I end up spotting things that I am not supposed to see.
The above lady was a victim of Shaya’s prudish eyes. She was one of the hottest ladies of the night during a fashion show last week, but a hole in her stockings was not what Yours Truly expected as I carefully examined her nice curved body inch by inch. My advice to organisers is to always buy quality to avoid embarrassing situations like these.



It seems the newly elected Tonota North Member of Parliament Fidelis Molao has not yet stopped celebrating his resounding victory. The young MP and former BNYC Executive Director was spotted at the just ended Toyota 1000 Desert Race sipping on the premium beer Castle Lite.
The MP was in a jolly mood as he mingled with the masses, occasionally taking a swig from his green bottle.
Reportedly more than P180 million was made from the alcohol levy since its introduction last year, and about P100 million was disbursed to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.
Molao who said he would be advocating for the youth in parliament seems to be contributing significantly to the levy and Shaya would not be surprised if the figure doubles in the coming year. Should the proposed 10% increase be effected I expect the figure to reach P500 million.
One wonders how much the MP would have contributed. Keep it up honourable MP, lets make money for the poor youth!



Believe it or not, columnist Sonny Serite loves certain things about President Ian Khama. He hates Khama’s dislike for alcohol but he admires the man’s love for the gym.
“His love for the gym is amazing. I just admire him for that,” Serite told Chilling Out.
Serite also revealed that Khama’s love for aircrafts has inspired him to pursue a flying licence.
“There are a few things I love about the man, and because of him I want to be a pilot,” he said.



Indulging too much could result in embarrassing situations that is why it is important for one to know their limits.
The gentleman on this picture was sent tumbling down through a barbed wire right on the laps of police officers. Literally!
If he was on the right state of mind the young man could have had enough strength to hold on when the fence gave way due to the pushing and shoving of spectators who were anxiously waiting for the arrival of the leading car during the Toyota 1000 Desert Race.
He fell head first on the racing track. Lucky for him, the BMW X3 was not insight!


  1. O ithela batho ba kgabile ha,ba ntse batle ore gongwe baa cha,kante ke dilo tsa bo-Ching Wang Fe. Melenza e santse e tsile go sethega ke dirope tsedi methagasedi,wa tshameka wena,mhh. Oka ba bona ba shyna ka manyena aa ha kana one a bitswang,ae nkeng matshwaro a dikese a,ore gongwe,okhokho. Ke bittar,ha!ha!ha!ha!
    Hei mare le ene ngwana wa teng o lebega aka tswa sengwe sese shapo blind,oops!!! nte ke baakanye borokgwe jame mane,santse ke typa golo fa,boa reng tota,ija.