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CHILLIN’OUT 05/11/10




Prime Time reporter Gugu Mavuma who has been with the magazine show for the past reporter is leaving.
The bubbly reporter confirmed to Chillin-Out that he is indeed living the show.
“Well we work on contract basis. My contract is coming to an end so I have to move on and venture into other things. Sometimes staying too long in one thing does not work. We are trying not to monopolize things so this is an opportunity for new talent to be discovered. There is a lot of talent out there that needs to be unearthed and it is up to us to make room for such,” he said.
Mavuma said while he will be waiting for his next move he will concentrate much on giving back to the community.
“There is this project called Resource Alliance Botswana where we collect funds and disburse them to the needy. I believe as personalities we are not doing enough in terms of our social responsibilities,” he said.


After Yours Truly ran a piece about Clement Jackson’s ‘obsession’ with rock n roll appearance, including his double neck guitar which Shaya is still to see the guitarist taking full advantage of, the veteran has responded. Below is an unedited version of Jackson’s letter to Yours Truly.
Just been pressured into responding to your recent comments on me, myself and I as a poseur on stage.
Man, my guitar work borrows largely from the late seventies and eighties, the ‘Every note you hear is true’ era.
You can rest assured I’m not irked by your comments, it’s just the need to disillusion some of the readers who might otherwise have fallen prey to your display of professional naivety.
You don’t just walk into a guitar shop in some deluxe mall e-Goli and purchase an 18 string guitar in the process parting with well over ten grand on your fake self, do you?
Goes without saying therefore that thanks can only be attributed to some force of deep passion.
Y’see ever since back in the day when I first saw McLaughlin and Jimmy Page, (no price for naming their respective bands), strumming their ‘twin necks’ on stage, the urge to someday own and play one never escaped me, my prayers were promptly answered early this year and I enjoy every jiffy behind the ‘double axe’
Yes Shaya you are right. I hardly ever see you during some of the high profile gigs that we do, you can actually catch us in GC’s better venues and we will help you swallow your words without choking.
Oh, lest I forget, the other pricy guitar in my collection was a personal, face-to-face and hand-to-hand gift from Eric Clapton after a joint show with him, mark you, this was just after he received his ‘World Best Guitarist Award’ for the second time. Now if this won’t attest to my status as a legit guitar-man, nothing will, NEVER. Clement Njabulo Jackson.



We have seen her so many times on BTV’s sports shows. She comes across as a very reserved lady who tries very hard not to put one foot wrong especially in front of the public’s eye.  However Peo Keatholetswe can sometimes decide to let loose. Shaya was shocked to see the television lady getting all feely -touchy with one gentleman during the BDF XI/Chiefs match this past Sunday. Peo whose father (Losika Keatholetswe) is BDF XI coach seemed not to care even a bit despite the glare of onlookers. Feast your eyes people, pictures don’t lie. Oh by the way Peo, would you by any chance be a BDF XI supporter?

Politicians are well known for telling lies. Old men who say that they are unmarried and unattached should not be trusted. Wealthy businessmen, who use their financial muscle to get what they want, are unlikely to be genuine in their emotions. So when you put the three together, and the above-mentioned persona drools, and flashes you a toothy smile at the checkout at Spar, saying he has fallen instantly in love, and declaring you the most beautiful woman in the world, don’t believe it.  And if you were the most beautiful woman in the world, what on earth would you want with an overweight, oversexed and over the hill womanizer?
One unsuspecting young lady, who was recently taken in by the floor crossing MP, now a financial pillar of the BMD, and whisked to his mansion in one of the posh suburbs of Gaborone, has learnt the hard way. At the time she did not know who he was, now she does, and knows that the married man with a string of mistresses, is just another dirty old man with money.


  1. Bo Six ba itse gone go tlhola ba roga bana ba batho ko mabaleng,ba bone ba a ba palela. His daughters are having threesome right behind infront of him.

  2. Time to be independent ladies otherwise le tlile go jelwa go lebelediswa big screens and go robala ma matlong a turang. A ko le ikemeleng ka dinao bo mma.

  3. ee..bo kgaitsadi le bone ba rata madi thata..they think money is everything…batlogele ba rekiwe ka baa rekisa..

  4. ako le iketleleng peo ao!kante lona ga le itse to let loose gao se ko spaneng bo weeekend goa iketliwa bathong!!shs only human like the rest of us not some supernatural being o eleng gore is not allowed to socialize and have sum funn!!bo mr too serias le na le mathata!loosen up bo papa!batho ba tlho ba direla dilo mo publikin ya be etlare peo hela a chitse ebeentse le re tseberetsebere!!le wena camera man retlo go tsaya kamoso!re ntse rego lebile too!!

  5. Geez! Lesbos u cal this havin fun. Thats disgusting. On the other hand I dont lyk her and her attitude. Serves her ryt. Thumbs up camera man.

  6. a ko nne le iketla shaya ao, e bo e tlaa re ngwana a re oa ikutlusa le bo le monopola? a mdala yo ene ga a amiwa ke recession ne batho ke raa le ya nopa tota?

  7. nnya bathong, Peo le ene ke motho wa nama le madi, o na le go ka iketla fela jaaka mang le mang, no meta where. re tlhola re ba bona ba tsenyana maleme mo ganong go sa twe sepe..hate her or not, le fa a na le attitude, she did have fun. anyway its her today and tomorrow its gona be something else..go tlaabo go lebetswe gotlhelele ka ga ene.besides, if it wasnt for that moment wa ko mabaleng ngwana yo mongwe go ne go tlaa lala go kwadilwe ka ga ene leng? a le ene a ikutlwise go tlhagelela mo di pampiring bathong.

  8. Shaya ware pictures don’t lie,u r right,dat kiss looks forced its sexual harassment.she wasn’t getting her groove on.i like how Jackson responded to you,dat is a true fan of his trade.

  9. bathon gat mathata aga peo keeng,gap ga gor sep le ha rragwe ale teng motho ke mosadi o motona o! aah rre jackson nna gak bone mosola wa go tlhatswetsa shaya dikgn!