Chilling out Friday 13 November 2023

READY FOR FORBES 3.0: President Masisi


On Monday, Shaya noticed something that should be a concern to government.

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Speaker, Phandu Skelemani had a semi-accident after his wheelchair missed the direction to the podium making him to fall.

Chilling out Friday 13 November 2023

Fortunately people around reacted quickly and prevented him from tipping over and falling.

The problem is here, the space which Skelemani uses to the podium is very narrow and therefore should be made wider.

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Lets make our environment conducive for people living with disability, starting with The Speaker.


It appears that some people will go to even the most extreme lengths to maintain their popularity.

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The sooner Forex traders understand that their 15 minutes of fame is long past, the better it will be for everyone!

The others are gradually coming to terms with that, but General Motaso on the other hand, seems to be in denial!

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Chilling out Friday 13 November 2023
Screenshot of Motaso & his wife

Who uses their wife’s Facebook account to make claims that he is cheating, or poses inappropriately with other girls just to have people assuming that he’s adulterous?

Shaya is starting to think that this boy might have a serious case of Histrionic personality disorder aka a condition associated with people who seek attention excessively.

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Luckily, Batswana already have him figured out and don’t waste much time on his stunts.


Wasn’t Kenya supposed to host the third edition of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa Summit?

President Masisi revealed during the SONA that BW will once again host the summit next year, for the third time, which made Shaya wonder what happened since the last time Kenya had apparently won the bid to host it?

It seems they have grown fond of Botswana though, seeing how they chose to return here instead of opening the bid to other countries.

Hopefully one of these days, the former delegates, on whom government spends chunks of money would speak out and most importantly show us how important the summit is, besides the free food, booze and endless partying.


A former media personality turned businesswoman has been accused of adopting the sinister trend of not paying her employees, and firing the ones brave enough to complain.

Almost every week, she can be seen flaunting an expensive lifestyle of shopping sprees and vacations, so it’s surprising that she can treat her workers with such contempt.

The business is also said to be doing really well, which makes Yours Truly start to think she might just be greedy.

Get it sorted young lady, pay your dues or Shaya will be forced to name and shame.


Whether he gave away half of the tickets or not, at the end of the day, Vee Mampeezy impressed by filling up Game City Rooftop Parkade, a feat which many artists (including Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C) have so far failed to achieve.

Those who attended the event seem to have really enjoyed themselves, except of course the VIPs who were appalled by the setup which apparently had about five chairs only.

Chilling out Friday 13 November 2023
SUCCESSFUL: Last Man Standing Festival

Imagine paying 1K only to stand on your feet all night.

That can never be Shaya!

Also, the local DJs were fuming over the 15 minutes they were each allocated to perform.

Besides that and numerous theft cases, it seems all went well.

Well done cde!

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