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RUMOUR has it that,the top selling traditional group could split should the success of their Afro Pop project continue.Culture Spears have not released a traditional album in over a year, concentrating on their pop albums themed Eke ntolo. Rumour has it that co-lead singer, Magdalene Lesolebe, is growing in confi dence and may be tempted to go it alone. Lesolebe, also known as Charmer Girl has been receiving good reviews for their latest project, Ekentolo Volume 3. In the song Matebele, Lesolebe’s voice is a cut above the rest. This follows her performance in the song Chikadance on the previous album. Well, yours truly has an advise for the Lerala born artist. Stay put!



IT is tough for a former certain traditional leader. The gentleman who was convicted allegedly faced hostilities from other inmates.
The situation was allegedly so bad that he had to be transferred to another prison, where hopefully he would find peace. Word passed to yours truly is that, other inmates did not like it when the elder was served meat for relish. They are, as rumour has it under the impression that the inmate owns a lot of meat sources.



RAPPER Jujuboy is allegedly planning a launch party to be remembered at the end of this month.
The rapper of ‘Hurt me’ fame is said to be planning to bring the who is who of South African music industry, to boost
the party that has been billed for Rasesa Lodge. Almost all the Motswako heavy weights from SA are expected
in the line up.


FOR a young man who has grown up fearing God, nobody could have predicted that life would turn out this way for him.Those close to him say that fame got to his head and he forgot all about his creator. He went to drinking, womazing and being
a total pain in the butt. It wasn’t before his outrageous way of living caught up with. His cars and furniture were repossessed, and hewas brought back to earth. However life seem to be getting back to normal for the funny man. Shaya has been informed that, the artist’s fi nances are beginning to stabilise, and he is smiling more and more.

YOURS Truly has been informed that a couple of musicians staged shows in a neighbouring country during the long Independence weekend.
However information reaching Shaya has it that, the brothers shows were total fl ops, that left many in that country wondering
why the outdated musicians bothered to come. Shaya has been reliably informed that only a few people turned up for the shows.
Meanwhile another kwasa kwasa artist’s eff orts to rise up again has hit a snag. The former top selling musician is failing to attract people to his shows, and his music is no longer playing on local radio stations. The musician has recently released a new album, and street vendors are not even playing the album. This is a tough industry


  1. wa simolla magdeline…a go iwe gope tswella hela jaaka ne le ntse le dira le a be le bata go tsosa dikgangnyana

  2. I just hope gore hostilities frm other inmates do not include sexual favours demanded from Kgosikwena sebele

  3. ao akr culture spears ga e a bolo go kgaogana,shaya ke kopa o dire tiro!.marato mo teng ga group aa di thuba gap magD o tletse kgatello evn in music videos ga apare yaka bana ba bangwe!!

  4. Culture spears fa le kgaogana le duba motshelo,sechaba se ne se le rata as a group,and we thought your difference made you unique and separated you from all traditional groups.Fa le kgaogana,there is high possibility that you will lose support mo sechabeng.We supported you so much caz of traditional dance,even yone ekentolo eo,its because we can see gore le ne le e dira as setlhopha.So now you are losing the plot…fa le dira jalo le tla felela le tshwana le other diopedi tse jaanong di opelang all sorts of music just to make up le sechaba but ba sa kgone because they have lost what they were origionally loved/supported for.Stick to your origion and we shall continue to love and support you,loose the plot and do all sorts of music then you shall stragle for good,that is all i am saying.Try to work on your differences but stay together or otherwise le tsile go lelela kgama le mogogoru…masi a tshologile,you will live a life of”i wish we could have worked it out”when its too late.

  5. tota mathata a gago ke eng ngwanyana ke wena wa culture spears? yo a go reileng are re rata leswe la gago labo chika dance ke mang?? o ka tswa o thola..mind u music industry ga se motshameko, then stop playn games..nd u knw very well gore batswana luvd ur traditional songs..magD STOP tht b4 u ruin ur future or else u”ll lose it nd o taa nna mompe sente out there

  6. unless king l doesnt hav nothing to say..pudi e reng..itsamaele mma MAG D,ha o kake wa thola o nnetse go opelela batho…na le nna nka itsamaela tsala yame,hahahaha.viva magd viva.

  7. senana bathong……@lenoko ke dumalana le wena ngwanyana yo gongwe go na le motho yo mo reileng are re rata lentswe la gagwe………..a ko o ikete hela le tsweledise mmino wa lona o batang kante ka le ntse le tsietsa batho ka ha mading wena le monna wa gago

  8. owaiii..magd kip it up.mama ntshware nna ke sia le matebele,ah ah mama ntshware nna ke sia le matebele ..e ke dire jang mama,ke dire jang batsadi..nduna batsadi ba gagwe gare ke motlapa nna,,magd ke her number ke te ke go joine thmma tuu

  9. Most of the pple ba ba tlogetseng thier groups r always regreting. They lost touch, fans and even dignity, so fa ele gore ngwanyana yo o ipolelela gore she got the market and so she cn stand alone, then her days r numbered in the music industry. Those ho did lyk her neva survived the challenges. GUYS WE LUV U S AGROUP.

    Pple, avoid marato mo businesing, coz once go nna le kgotlhang mo go ba ba ratang, it then affects the hole business.

  10. mxim, tota wa reng ne yo go tweng magD yo ha e bo a le mompe o kare motho a molelelwa maaka jaana? mxim, motswapong kana ga a ka thabologa le ka se mo kgone