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Chieftainship dispute tears village apart

IN DISPUTE: Motlhabaneng residents

A chieftainship storm that has been brewing in the small village of Motlhabaneng in Bobirwa is threatening to tear families and friends apart.

A dispute over the rightful heir to the chieftaincy of Sepoda ward has reached toxic levels with one group rallying behind current Chief, Elias Modeme, and the other in support of Moses Mphale who wants Modeme to hand back the throne to him as he believes he is the rightful heir.

Mphale claims his lineage are the rightful heirs to the throne as he believes Modeme was installed in 2003 to hold fort for his late brother, Justice Mphale.

“There was a written agreement which was witnessed by Bobonong Chief Mmirwa Malema,” claimed Mphale in an interview with The Voice.

He said the matter was heard in Bobonong and judgement passed in their favour.
“Modeme appealed the matter, but when we came here for his appeal, Kgosi Dialwa Motsamai from Tsetsebjwe who’s handling the appeal decided to try the matter again and suggested that we go for elections to install a new chief,” he said.

“We are of the view that Kgosi Motsamai was wrong to try the matter afresh. We were here for the appeal not a fresh matter,” he said.

Last weekend The Voice witnessed a chaotic Kgotla meeting on Saturday as Kgosi Motsamai and his entourage comprising of Kgosi Olgas Serumola (Mmathethe) and Kgosi Selelo Pelontle(Tsetsebjwe) lost control as the two factions flatly refused to take any part in electing a new Kgosi.

In his final ruling after a standoff between the two factions Motsamai said the elections will then be held at the end of Modeme’s contract.

This did not go down well with the Mphale faction as they demanded their throne back.
“We sent an appeal to Bobonong. We don’t know what contract he’s talking about. The only thing we know as the rightful heirs, is a written agreement we had with Modeme,” said the aspiring tribal leader Mphale.

The matter continues.