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Chasing the dream

Chasing the dream

Youngster draws inspiration from Nkobolo

A 13 year old boy from Moroka is adamant that just like his boyhood hero Onkabetse Nkobolo, he’ll also represent Botswana on the international stage.

Boga Mbulawa just sat for his Primary School Leaving Examinations and is on his way to secondary school.

The youngster who’s also academically gifted revealed his dream to Voice Sports after winning Best in Sports Award (athletics) at his school’s prize giving ceremony last Friday.

The youngster also got awards for Best in English, Setswana, Religious Education and Bell ringer, an award bestowed on an individual performing duties of a time keeper.

“I ring the bell every morning to signal the start of the school programme,” he told Voice Sports proudly.

It is however the youngster’s exploits outside the classroom that caught this reporter’s attention.

Standing just a little over one meter, Mbulawa has already built a reputation amongst his peers and indeed his school as a master of middle distance running.

A school champion in the 1500m race, Mbulawa finished fourth in the 2018 National Finals organised by Botswana Primary Schools Sports Association (BOPSSA) and Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) in Francistown.

“It was my first time to compete at the finals and my intention is to train hard when I get to junior school. I’m also good in the 800m and 400m and hope to one day represent Botswana at the Olympics,” he said.

“I’ve watched Nkobolo on television and I want to be just like him,” added Mbulawa.

He also adds that should the track and field dream fail, he intends to train as a pilot.

Nkobolo who also hails from Moroka is a Botswana sprinter specialising in the 400 metres.

He competed at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing narrowly missing the semifinals.

In addition, he won two medals at the 2015 African Games. He was also part of the 4x40m gold winning relay team at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia.

The young athlete’s mother Malebogo Mbulawa said her son has a lot of support from his extended family.

“His uncle in particular is so supportive and we’ll keep encouraging him to chase his dream,” said the proud mother.

Voice Sport hopes that the next bell to ring for this self driven youngster will be during a IAAF race, moments before a record breaking sprint to the finish line.