Celebrity dancer back in court for maintenance

Mophato dance theatre group member and celebrated dancer and performer, Isaac Surte, escaped jail by a whisker on Tuesday after he was granted P500 bail by a Broadhurst Magistrate Court for defying the court orders.

Surte was brought before court for failing to pay P300 towards his child maintenance.

State Prosecutor, Onkemetse Modukanele told court that Surter has not made any effort to pay the P300 that was set by the Extension 11 Magistrate court in February.

He said that the dancer had defaulted and that the money was now in arrears of P 1800.

Surte had allegedly failed to pay maintenance for his son with local socialite and business woman, Fatima Gabatshwane.

For his part, Surte- who has enjoyed his fair share of controversy this year, with his alleged public fights with Gabatshwane, told the court that it was actually not true that he had defaulted in payment.

He said he has been paying his part and that the only thing was that he did not know that he was supposed to submit the receipts to the authorities.

“I have been paying maintenance, I was not aware that I was supposed to take the receipts to you after paying, I did not understand that part but I will from now on do that,” he said.

For her part the presiding Magistrate, Lilian Madabane, told Surte to produce proof that indeed he has been paying his dues.

The Magistrate however instructed him to bring that proof when the case goes for trial.

Trial date has been set for September 24.

Meanwhile, Gabatshwane has since dragged Surte to the Gaborone High Court demanding that the monthly maintenance be increased from P300 to P 1000.

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