Celebrating a different era
DRESSED TO THRILL: Revellers at last year's show

70s and 80s ‘oldies’ reminisce

Travelling back in time is normally a ‘reality’ restricted to sci fi movies.

However, come June the 15th, the annual ‘70s and 80s party’ will do just that, and transport patrons back to a different era.

Now in its sixth year running, the event will once again be staged at its traditional home, The Grand Palm hotel.

Over the years, those in attendance have embraced the occasion, dressing up to the nines in the famous regalia and fashion trends of the period.

Think afros, weaves, pointed shoes, tight shiny pants, and dazzling, colourful tops if you want to impress.

This year, organisers say they are anticipating a record attendance of a little over 1, 300 attendants – a testimony to the event’s growing popularity.

“We want people to come and experience the music of many years ago from a number of renowned DJs from Botswana and South Africa. This is a lifestyle musical event and our primary audience is young and mature professionals,” reads a press statement from the organising team.

“This is a one-day lifestyle get together; the music, the colourful drinks, the ambience, the costumes, the audience and the décor setup will be part of the recipe, creating an environment suitable for the theme,” continues the statement.

Entertainment on the day is expected to come from legendary South African musical powerhouse Oskido of ‘I believe’ fame, Otis Fraser, DJ Bax, DJ Sid, DJ Peter T, Shaft People, DJ Lefatshe to name but a few.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, The Grand Palm’s marketing manager, Samantha Bogopa explained the event was born out of the hotel’s desire to ‘retain and reminisce’ with those customers that have been with the establishment since its inception.

“We have had customers that have been with the hotel family since back in the day around the 70s era, when the hotel was still named the Sheraton. With this event, we want to have a day to reminisce and remember the good old times with them,” stressed Bogopa.

“During the year we do host youthful like events but with the 70s and 80s party our main aim is to remember the good old times,” she added excitedly.

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