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Celeb Edition with Ice Cold Mob

Celeb Edition with Ice Cold Mob

Poloko Jeremiah Bagai, Thato Comfort Moatshe and Thabo Austin Makala are the members of the country’s hottest new group, ‘Ice Cold Mob’.

With their boy-band good looks and silky voices, the Hip Hop trio – all aged 22 – are melting hearts with their music and, having already recorded a hit track with ATI, ‘About You’, look set for big things.

Q. What inspired you and why?

A. It’s all about the love for music.

It was our way of expressing our inner thoughts and feelings and that for us was an inspiration.

Q. Share the fondest memory of your music career to date?

A. Our fondest moment so far was getting the chance to work with ATI.

Being fans of his work, getting the chance to make music with him is definitely our fondest moment.

Q. How did you start ‘Ice Cold Mob’ and why?

A. We met at Gaborone Senior Secondary School through mutual friends who knew we were individual artists.

After doing a couple of songs together we noticed that we compliment each other very well and sound good together.

We then started the group in 2013.

Q. Who are the most reserved and loudest members of the group?

A. (Laughing) Thabo Makala aka Austin is the loudest one and Thato Moatshe aka Kensik is the most reserved.

Poloko Bagai aka Angel is the one who has both characters.

Q. Considering you guys are all so young, why do most of your songs focus on love?

A. Most of our peers and adults can relate to it.

We really didn’t plan on doing this genre of music, it just happened.

Besides, love is something that most people can relate to and love is beautiful!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • Both Poloko and Thabo are programmers and total nerds
  • Poloko used to dance ballroom
  • Thato plays football and Poloko used to play rugby
  • We still don’t regard ourselves as famous
  • Thabo is a pretty good dancer for a tall guy