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Celeb Edition with Bofelo William Molebatsi aka Mawilla

Celeb Edition with Bofelo William Molebatsi aka Mawilla
FUNNY MAN: Mawilla

At the age of 20, Bofelo William Molebatsi has established himself as one of the country’s best comedians.

Better known by his stage name ‘Mawilla’, the Kanye native has only been in the industry for just over a year but already has more than 60, 000 followers on Facebook despite not having a page sponsor.

What motivated you to pursue a career in comedy?

I didn’t do well at school, I didn’t have a job and everyone at home was going to work.

One day, I was bored and decided to take my friend’s camera, shot a video and uploaded it on Facebook.

Joel ‘Ntsoro’ Keitumele was also my motivation during his time.

When did you start comedy and what reactions did you get from people?

I started comedy last May and people started commenting on how ugly I was but everything has been good so far.

I get gigs and also do stand up comedy now and then.

Do you write your own routines and if so where do you get your material?

Yes I do and usually get my material from real life happenings and turn them into jokes – but nothing personal.

What happens if they don’t laugh?

I proceed to the next joke (laughing).

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in someone else’s home?

A living room with no TV!

What is one bad thing you’ve done but later made amends for?

I once stole two phones while at school.

A year later I told the victims and gave them P500 each.

What advice can you give your peers?

People should use their talents to make a living and not only focus on finding jobs.

Besides comedy, what do you wish to do?

I want to be a presenter and I would like to present on Flava Dome and Pula Power.

Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I don’t smoke or take alcohol
  • I have a huge crush on Mpho Sebina
  • I have four siblings
  • I stayed in Mochudi for a long time
  • I am a rapper