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Celeb Edition with Thabo Rantao AKA ‘Touch Motswak Tswak’

Celeb Edition with Thabo Rantao AKA 'Touch Motswak Tswak'

This week Celeb edition features Thabo Rantao popularly known as ‘Touch Motswak Tswak’ who simultaneously grew up in Lobatse and Ramotswa.

He is currently an urban lifestyle entreprenuer as the Managing Director of a branding and promotions agency called No Day Wasted Promotions(Pty)Ltd under which they manage and promote two in-house clothing brands named Fresh2Tswak and Emoji Nation.

He is also a freelance entertainment business columnist for Mmegi MyNews tabloid through ‘Fresh2TswakLifestyle’ weekly column.

1.What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

A. Growing up I got to realise that people with the name Thabo are also called Touch, mostly ‘Thibo Touch’ so I naturally loved the ‘touch’ part, thus touching hearts and souls with my lyrical content.

As a motswako thoroughbred I decided to spice it up with ‘Motswak Tswak’ to put a stamp on my brand as a fully fledged motswako brand that touches hearts and souls in a positive manner.

2. How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

A. Internet is a worldwide marketing platform for us artist to utilise to spread our wings globally.

Proper usage of the internet, mostly social media, I believe is a free gateway platform for artists to touch base with their fans and potential markets.

I urge artists to take advantage and monetize through social media. Internet can also waste your time.

If not used wisely it can be addictive.

3.What are you working on right now?

A. I am currently finalising an album not yet titled to be released mid-July under Rimzy Productions management.

It sounds bigger than Botswana already, its an International class.

4.Do you have a record label?

A. I am signed under www.rimzyproductions.com.

5.Are you a member of any music organisation?

A. Through my record label we are COSBOTS and BOMU members.

6. Where have you performed that you hold the most favourite memories?

A. Though I’ve had many performances outside Botswana, everytime I perform at both Lobatse and Ramotswa I always feel touched because it is where everything started (me realizing my talent, my dreams, hunger and starvation and childhood memories).

I feel attached to Lobatse and Ramotswa..

7.Who writes your songs and what are the main themes or topics about your songs?

A. I write my own songs. I touch on various topics ranging from social ills, love, hate, poverty, my dreams, my lust for success, motivation, hood chronicles, fun, funny falacies.

It all depends on the mood I am on by the time I script a song.

I always choose to stay positive and motivational by all means because I am a sucker for freedom of speech with creative wordplay.

8.Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

A. Some beautiful lady named Faith.

She is my life and business partner. Since I met her my faith got restored.

She took me out of the street life and moulded me into the focused man I am.

She is my Mother Theresa.

9.Are your live gigs and tours profitable?

A. No, there is always politics when it comes to the payment moment.

Promoters always want the bigger piece of the pie.

10.Which are the three things you can’t leave home without?

A. My cellphone,My positive energy and Focus.

11. Who is your all time local celebrity crush?

A. Dr Margaret Nasha popular known as Mma Nasha

Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I don’t like mediocrity.
  • I am a mastermind.
  • I crack ribs when its time to play and touch hearts and souls when its time to be          serious.
  • I am passionate about my music and my business.
  • I just want to be successful.

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