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Celeb Edition with Sonny Oarabile Serite

Celeb Edition with Sonny Oarabile Serite
BLUNT: Sonny Serite

39-year-old Maun native Sonny Oarabile Serite made his name as a no-nonsense columnist at The Telegraph.

Currently an investigative journalist and online coordinator at The Gazette newspaper, Serite is known for his candid posts on social media.

Q. You are blunt on your social media – what gives you the confidence?

A. I am blunt on social media because I’m not a prisoner of my thoughts.

I’m not a conformist; I say it the way I see it!

Q. Have you ever been intimated or threatened for your outspoken views?

A. I have been intimidated and threatened many times because of what I write but I’m not so naive to think everyone will ululate to everything I write.

I am blunt and I know the truth hurts!

Q. What was your motivation for switching from columnist to mainstream journalism?

A. I started my column when Khama took over as president and my aim was to be a critique of his presidency just to debunk the myth he was untouchable.

I had intended to stop the column next year when he vacates office but the Gazette newspaper put forward a mouthwatering offer.

I want to marry my sweet woman so I went for the money and hey, at times you have to quit while you are still popular.

Besides I am a kick butt investigative journalist just as I was a no blows barred columnist.

Q. You made the headlines last year after you were arrested for obtaining ‘secret documents’ – what was that like?

A. The jail experience was both surreal and eye-opening.

It opened my eyes and availed opportunities for greater things.

Because of that jail encounter, I now have contacts all over the world.

Q. Who are the two people you wish to interview and why?

A. I would so much want to interview Jesus Christ when he comes back, if he ever does.

Q. I want to ask him ‘dude why choose to die for our sins when you could turn water into wine and have the time of your life?’

A. I would want to interview President Khama so I can tell him why I made him my project during the time I was a columnist.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am a very nice guy who is fun and loving to hang around with
  • I am not a good orator
  • I am a fine artist
  • I love my country and hate my nation’s docile attitude
  • I am scared of frogs but not scared of snakes