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Celeb Edition with Sadi Dikgaka

Celeb Edition with Sadi Dikgaka

This week’s celeb, Boipelo Sadi Dikgaka rose to stardom as a presenter on the popular TV show Flava Dome.

The multi-talented 25-year-old Molepolole native, whose stunning good looks have won her a legion of male admirers, is also a gifted singer, event host, MC and a budding entrepreneur.

Q. How did your TV career start?

A. I jokingly posted on Facebook after seeing an advertisement on BTV that I should go and audition for Flava Dome.

I wasn’t going to do it had it not been for my sister nudging me to. I submitted all that was required of me on the closing date for applications.

A few months later, I was invited for the first round of auditions which I felt like I had flunked.

About a month after that, I got a call inviting me to attend the final round of auditions.

I went to the audition and I did my best and I guess my best was good enough!

Q. Have you been cyber bullied and how did you handle it?

A. Yes, I have been. And it did not come as a surprise that it happened after my start on television.

There were posts I would come across on social media, where people would bash everything from my way of dressing to body shaming.

There have been instances where a whole human being would have the gall to tag me and try shame/bash or in simple terms hurt me.

I have learnt that it is a reflection of their own characters and in no way does it represent any truth about me.

They are hiding behind a keypad and voicing what could be their own insecurities and masking it as a ‘concern’.

Q. Is dating a celebrity like you ideal and why?

A. When it comes to dating, I am not one to condemn dating in the industry or elsewhere.

My reason being that we do not know where true love lies.

I guess the reason why people would be against celebrities dating celebrities is mostly based on the time aspect, hectic schedules which entails a lot of travel and limited time.

For some it works for them, for some it does not.

I personally would not shut out the prospect.

Q. How do you spend your week?

A. My week comprises of meetings, brainstorming sessions, preparing for events and preparing for my weekly television shoots.

In all of that I also have choir commitments as well as spending time with my family.

Q. You were once involved in a very bad car accident – how did you cope?

A. Prayer, meditation and following doctors orders.

The injury I sustained was not as bad as the media had reported it to be.

I did, however, have to be put under strict rules so my recovery is speedy, and here I am today.


Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am an ambivert (someone with a balance of introvert and extrovert features in their personality).
  • My closest friends are from my family and those that are not related to me by blood have become family.
  • I am an optimist.
  • My ideal honeymoon spot is the Maldives – so future husband should take heed of this wish!
  • I am a shameless homebody. I prefer being in the comfort of my home, reading, cooking or watching television with or without good company more than going out.