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Celeb Edition with Masi Onalenna Sithole

CELEB Edition with Masi Onalenna Sithole
STYLIST: Masi Sithole

This week Celeb edition gets up close and personal with motivational speaker, MC and Property For You television presenter, Masi Onalenna Sithole.

Born and raised at Moroka village in the North-East in the late 80s, the gorgeous and prayerful Masi comes from a small and close-knit family of seven.

1.Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. I have a spiritual father, Bishop TD JAKES, he inspires me a lot. I am so full of wisdom because of him.

I am working towards visiting his church in Dallas Texas, just to see him in person and say thank you.

I also get my inspiration from a daily motto I live by ‘The 5 by 5 rule’, if its not going to matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it”.

2.If you were given the opportunity to be a mother of two teenage children for a week,what would you share with them?

A. I would groom them on ways of building confidence.

Without confidence you can never do anything in life because lack of confidence breeds fear which can always block one’s dreams.

I would groom them on seeing the value of prayer in everything they do.

Finding yourself and icing it with prayer is the key to making it in life. God is love.

3.Tell me one advice you ever got?

A. It was from my grandmother Jane Thuta Sithole. She raised me to always imagine where I would love to be and to create that world for myself.

‘As much as you are from Moroka, and grew up without parents, if you see yourself as a princess imagine it because it will make your life better, what you put out to the universe is exactly what you are going to get back,” she said.

4.What is that one thing you can’t live without and why?

A. Prayer. I have a close relationship with God and he is my confidante.

I talk to him anytime,anywhere as long as I feel the need to.

5.Which is your all time favourite 90s song and why?

A. ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston because the song reminds me of my childhood sweetheart. He dedicated it to me since he had to go school abroad and wanted to make me understand. Those days!

6.Do you think dating is easy for public figures like you?

A. Not at all, you have people coming to your life for different reasons and with their own preconceived impressions about you.

They think the girl you see on TV is the same even off camera. I wish people could understand that we are humans and far from being perfect.

With this overwhelming industry we need love and support.

7. What excites you in a partner?

A. I love excitement and mental stimulation. I can’t stand small talk. I am a reader by nature and always have something to share anytime.

Would love a man who is confident in his own skin to say yes I got you Masi .

8.Who dresses you and does your make up?

A. I am my own stylist and do my make up all the time, even when I am going on set.

I have my own signature look that I have perfected and I do it well.

9.What do you do on your spare time?

A. I am a movie fanatic, more especially series. I don’t mind spending the whole day indoors hence I value privacy. I also do gym a lot.

10.Who is your role model?

A. Every woman who understands her value and worth.

The value of education and working hard to earn a living.

A woman who doesn’t need a man with money to be successful, who can get off her comfort zone and work hard to afford to get anything for herself.

Women like Dr Unity Dow, Grace Muzila and Mercy Thebe.

Five things people don’t know about you?

– I am not a socialite, since I am claustrophobic. I am such a person of my own space.

– I use teeth cushions since I grind my teeth especially at night.

– I do my number 2 butt naked.

– I speak so many languages namely Kalanga, Setswana, Swahili, Ndebele, Shona, Zulu and currently learning Chinese.

– I hold two different qualifications ( PR & Education )

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