Celeb edition with Gracious Gorata Molatlhegi aka GUCCI
NEWS ANCHOR: Gorata Ratie Molatlhegi

Gracious Gorata Molatlhegi better known as Ratie or GUCCI is a 25 -year- old lass from Maun. She is a Breakfast show Producer, News Anchor at Duma FM and also a Freelance Writer.

Q.What inspired you to follow your career?

A. I’ve always had interest in current affairs and the media in general. I like to be up to date on what is happening around me.

Q. Is Journalism a career you would recommend and why?

A. Most definitely, I would recommend it. I must say that you have to be willing to go an extra mile because it can be busy and straining at times.

One ought to be overly dedicated and make a lot of sacrifices.

But nonetheless it’s been an exciting journey for me so far despite the responsibilities and pressure that comes with being on the public eye.

Q. If you were asked to live with two teenagers, what will you teach them?

A. I will teach them self-respect and reliance. As an individual you ought to have a sound moral ground and standards which are acceptable in society.

Whether male or female, self-reliance is of utmost importance.

Q. Given an opportunity, which Ministry will you head and why?

A. Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development for a simple reason that I am young and I would empathize with my peers.

The ministry has a diverse portfolio and covers people of all groups.

I will be in a better position to listen and attend to the needs of youth from different backgrounds.

I’ll push the government to stimulate the economy to curb unemployment and avail resources and schemes that will enable young people to start businesses so they can also create employment.

Different talents are nurtured in this ministry, from those who are gifted intellectually and in extracurricular activities.

Q. What have you planned for the holidays?

A. This time around I will be spending my holidays with my granny in Maun.

Besides being my home, Maun is a tourist attraction with abundant wildlife and beautiful waters.

Q. Who is your local celebrity crush and why?

A. (laughs) No comment

Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am too traditional.
  • My work space or environment is a no joke territory, its all about serious business
  • I love kids, they are the most peaceful and refreshing souls to spend time with.
  • I am a bad liar.
  • I prefer working behind the scenes.

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