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Celeb Edition with Basadi Tshenyego Masimolole

Celeb Edition with Basadi Tshenyego Masimolole
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This week Celeb Edition features 37-year-old socialite, Basadi Tshenyego Masimolole (nee Molelekeng).

The Mmadinare native, whose personality is as colourful as her bright yellow hair, is currently unemployed after an eight-year stint as a marketing executive with Multi Choice Botswana.

Q. What’s the worst spend you’ve ever made?

A. Four years ago in a bad space I travelled to South Africa and the United States.

I didn’t switch off my post-paid data, which ended up accumulating a very huge bill of P35, 000.

Q. What social media are you on and how many times do you post a day and why?

A. I am only on Facebook. I post from 0 to literally countless times in a day.

It depends on my mood, what I wish to share, what I need to engage on or review.

I use social media to achieve different things.

Q. You were recently made a meme? How did that make you feel?

A. Yes, I was recently made a meme.

It didn’t hurt me as I have no interest in forcing people to like me, nor have I ever been a child or adult who thrived on the external validation of anything other than my family.

It made me realise that the culprits behind the meme believe they can get away with bullying.

I made a pact with myself that I would stand for anti bullying and seek all the right procedures to take on the person/people behind the meme for I refuse to be bullied.

Q. On Facebook you often post about launching yourself – what exactly do you mean?

A. I believe in reinventing and reintroducing myself to the world at all times.

I am of the view that our joy, peace, excitement and also negative emotions come from within as opposed to the external.

I choose to bring excitement and renewal to my life by launching myself any day and everyday.

For example, in July I decided to grow my hair and colour it blonde.

Q. Why did you leave Multi Choice Botswana?

A. All good things or all bad things come to an end and it was time. We chose to mutually go our separate ways.

Q. What is your next step from here?

A. I want to resuscitate a company I long founded called ‘pieces of africa’.

I founded this company post my observations on my world travels.

I wish to fully utilise the Botswana and Africa networks I have had the opportunity to build through all aspects of my life.

Q. Are you in a relationship?

A. I am not in a relationship. I yearn for a committed, lifelong companionship but because I do not do things in halves, I choose not to be in anything which will rob me of my inner joy and peace.

My life is too wholesome and too hectic to settle for anyone or anything which may not share my vision

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I can be anywhere and everywhere I choose to be. I find my sanity in nature.
  • I speak Setswana very well.
  • I thrive on cultural events. I choose to equip myself on how different people do the same things differently through cultural events.
  • I don’t live in the past or future.