CEDA CEO to testify in Makgato threat to kill case
NOT MOVED: Dorcus Makgato

An accused person in the ongoing threat to kill case involving Minister of National, Immigration and Gender Affairs, Dorcus Makgatho this week called out big names involved in the case.

According to the charge sheet, on July 5, 2017, Tombo threatened to kill and used insulting words against minister Makgato, accusing her of blocking his CEDA loan application of close to P2.7 million.

His charge sheet indicates that he uttered the following words; “Dorcas you b***h, my mother has died in your slaughter house of Letsholathebe hospital and I hopelessly buried her. I wish your mother could have miscarried you; I would be living in peace like a responsible person. This year, I want that loan or I will behead you (SIC).”

Makgatho was the then Minister of Health and Wellness and Tembo had previously confronted her with the death of his mother in the Maun hospital.

When appearing in court this week, the man who has since pleaded not guilty to the offence told the presiding magistrate Tshepo Thedi that he had not been served with statements from the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thabo Thamane.

“He was there when Makgatho said my Omang (Identity card) is rubbish, where is his statement. He was there together with the PS, Mbakanyi, so I am wondering why the Police have not recorded their statement,” Tombo said.

In response the prosecution represented by Miriam Amos told the court that if Tombo wishes for Thamane to be called to testify during trial they could do so.

Makgato has refused to drop charges following Tombo’s apology.

The case was postponed to June 2nd.

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