This week we received a heart breaking letter from a devastated schoolboy writing to the High Court Registrar about what the judge’s decision to give his custody to his ‘mean’
uncle has done to his life.

To say the 11-year- old boy has been traumatised by the experience is to put it mildly, if his angry bitter and desperate plea for the court registrar
to let him stay with his mother is anything to go by.

After watching the boy break down and weep when I asked him if he knew what the repercussion of publishing the letter would be was even
more heart breaking, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes in the boardroom and causing the mother to sob quietly.The 11-year old writes:“The judge was wrong for giving me away to my uncle because
he doesn’t give a drumstick about anybody besides himself and his wife.

A very understanding friend, once told me I should be grateful since I wasn’t in the Jwaneng orphanage or a Muslimschool but I told him that I’d rather do my grandma’s laundry than live with uncle! The only people I would ever want to be with is my mom, my sister and my crush.Thank you for understanding.

Please get me out of here,I am miserable! Such misery is usually inflicted upon children by divorce, but not this little boy’s.His father is late and so is
grandfather, whose sizeable estate has become the cause of a bitter legal battle, diving the family into two enemy camps.

After a long and protracted court case, the court was convincedthat his mother, a once highflying lawyer, was incapable of raising him and therefore gave his custody to his uncle, who does not see eye to eye with his sister because she is convinced that the brother and her own mother are out to steal her share of the estate. What a tragedy, if you ask me! To be quiet honest, my heart bleeds for the child who finds himself an innocent
pawn in his family’s greed fuelled fight.

So after explaining to me how he felt and what the uncle does to him if he offends him, (he allegedly makes him squats in a corner) I just decidedto publish an abridged version of his letter to the registrar, just in case someone out there with the ability to assist this torn apart family would like to come forth andhelp them the best way they know how.

We can’t deny the little boy a voice to say his story, but we have a duty and a responsibility to protect him, so as I told the mom, the best wecan do is to publish his story in a way that wouldn’t jeopardise his welfare, and hope that someone with the necessary and relevant skills would step forward to assist the familyput aside their individual selfish interest for a little while and work together, even if it is solely for the interest of the child.


  1. This article is very very heartbreaking
    It is obvious that the family feud is taking its toil on the little boy- it should not-it will haveva very very DEVASTATING effect on him.

    It looks like THE CHILDS VIEWS is not being heard at all which is very very very wrong

    Who ever is representing his mother should take this letter (but make a copy of it) and seek advise from an organisation dealing with children ON how to go about it

  2. Some people who call themselves “ADULTS” should be seen to be behaving like “ADULTS” not only in the public view but also behind closed doors

  3. “The only people I would ever want to be with is my mom, my sister and my crush.”

    i knew this was coming

    The point that i am trying to make is the boy’s psychological state of mind- the effect that it is having on him because of the people that he is living with and that he cannot be with his mother.

    The people that he is staying with do not want the mother of the child to set foot on their property (this is what a previous article states) – how childish can Adults be

    Also the social worker does not seem to be effective in their work- in a previous article they just simply tell the mother of the child that the brother who is keeping her son does not want her on his property. They seem to be quite CONTENT with the brothers response to the mother of the child

    The mother does not seem to be getting any morale support or assistance from people/friends that she once knew when she was a high flying lawyer – not one of them can offer her assistance with employment so that she can get back on track with her life and get her son back. They seem quite content to hear that her son has been taken away from her- what about if it happened to them???

  4. “Such misery is usually inflicted upon children by divorce,”

    Even in cases where childrens parents divorce- both parents must be in agreement to have QUALITY TIME FOR THE CHILDRENi.e. The mother must have quality time for the children and the father must also have quality time for the children