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Carrying the image of a company


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Receptionists are often a customer’s first impression of a company and thus they carry serious responsibility to project an appropriate company image.
The customer can get that impression through the type of reception he/she gets when walking through the door of a company or by the way the telephone is answered by the receptionist on the other end.
It is this small yet bigger role that the receptionists play in companies that guide receptionists of Cresta Thapama hotel in Francistown.
According to them the motto is ‘smile to every customer who walks through the door and always answer the phone with a jovial singing voice’.
In a recent interview, the Front Office Manager of the hotel Jane Mohako revealed how she has to put aside her problems if ever she has them when she comes to work so that they don’t affect her interaction with customers.
“As the front officer manager of Thapama it means I am the face of the company and that people will judge it from the way I deal with them face to face or through the telephone. That is why it is important to make sure that I give it my best,’’ she said.
She said as is normal with human beings she has her fair share of challenges in life but the mistake that she never makes is to bring those to work.
“I might be hurting and angry inside but that should never ever interfere with my work. The rule is to always have a happy face and a singing voice which should be music to every customer’s ear,’’ said Mohako.
She said as a manager she also has to make sure that all guests and visitors are treated like queens and kings so that they get a reason to visit the hotel time and again.
“Competition is getting tough and thus we cannot afford to lose customers by giving them poor reception,’’ she said.
What Mohako finds interesting about her job is that while the routine is the same day in day out they deal with different people from different backgrounds, a thing which makes the job even more interesting.
“The open secret though is to treat all equal and to always smile back no matter how rude a customer can be.”
Her sentiments were echoed by her colleague, Lechedzani Bahayesi, one of the receptionists of the hotel who said she fully understands the responsibility of her role as the face and voice of the hotel.
“I am fully aware of the huge responsibility that I have. Thapama can lose or gain customers because of the way I treat them either through the telephone or when they walk through our door. It is for this reason that I have to always give an impressive long lasting impression of the company,’’ she said.
She also concurred with her boss saying personal problems had no place in their jobs.
What then makes a good receptionist?
According to Mohako front office personnel must be friendly and approachable and always in a jovial mood since much of their work involves close contact and communications with clients and customers.