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Can I get her to pay?

Can I get her to pay?
Can I get her to pay?

I was involved in a car accident with one lady who was later charged and found to be in the wrong by the police.

She had no money and I fixed my car but now she is refusing to pay.

I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s always very difficult to get money from someone who doesn’t have any.

What can you get from here if she has no assets to seize?

This is a very good example of why I think third-party insurance should be mandatory for all car owners.

If the other woman had done this her insurance company would be paying for your repairs, not you.

We heard of a case a few months ago when an uninsured car driver collided with a Range Rover causing P25,000 of damage.

He then had to pay that bill for the Range Rover owner. But what would have happened if he’d completely destroyed the Range Rover?

He would have faced a bill of maybe P1 million. How many of us can afford that?

Of course if you had a fully comprehensive insurance policy it would have covered your damage as well as any damage you ever cause to any other vehicles.

I wish I could give you some constructive advice. You can go to the Small Claims Court and seek an order against the other driver but it isn’t much use if there’s nothing she has to seize in compensation.