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Bushiri speaks on visa

Bushiri speaks on visa
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*I’m not a security threat * Wait for my coming

Popular Prophet, Shepherd Huxley Bushiri of the ECG church says he is not a security threat to Botswana or any other country for that matter.

This week, just a few days before his much awaited May 27 scheduled Botswana Crusade, Bushiri requested for a phone interview with The Voice from South Africa.

This time the Malawi born prophet opted to speak directly to the reporters himself instead of speaking through his public relations team, like he did the last time when news broke out that he had been placed on a controversial list of people required to apply for visa to enter the country.

The man of God as he is famously referred to by his legions of his followers, wished to state that he did not pose any security ‘threat’ as Botswana Government had alleged.

“I have never been a threat to any country and I will never be. I believe the minister probably meant to say that my visit could attract a lot of attention and as such raise a need for security.”

When answering to allegations of him charging P7000 consultation fee for on- on- one meetings with him,the prophet said “What you must know is you are not just talking to a prophet but to a responsible man with moral values and character. I believe before charisma there is character. Secondly I am not aware why I have been put on the visa list because I am not a threat,” Bushiri said.

When quizzed further about his relations with other African countries, Major 1 said, “My relationship with other countries has been amazing, except for those that have pastors who use government to protect their members running away from their churches to come to mine”

Concerning the exact dates of his visit to Botswana Bushiri could not confirm or deny the May 27 date although he had not yet put in his visa application at the time of going to press.

He quipped, “just wait for my coming, it will be when God allows, I will see Botswana now or in the future.”

Bushiri decided to speak out after the ministry of nationality, immigration and gender Affairs through the Government gazette announced that, “ in accordance with regulation 5 of the immigration (Visa) regulation, the minister of nationality, immigration and gender Affairs hereby declares that Shephered Huxley Bushiri of Malawian nationality is to obtain Visa to enter Botswana.”

This week the leader of opposition Duma Boko through his social media page also condemned Batshu’s call to place Bushiri under the visa list, saying it is “invalid and unlawful and liable to be set aside”

Boko further said, “it is not in any doubt that minister Batshu has the discretion to single out such a national and require them to obtain a visa.

This discretion is however not unfettered. It is subject to the known requirements that the discretion be exercised judiciously.

It is also subject to the general principles that control administrative decision making, it must not be irrational, malicious and malafide.”

Meanwhile the prophet’s entourage was expected into the country today on Friday to prepare for visit.