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Burning Love

Keatlaretse Kgorotlhe


Man 25, torches 50- year- old lover’s house over P50.

A love affair between a 25- year- old man and an older woman turned nasty on Monday evening when the annoyed man set his lover’s house on fire over a P50 debt.

Shakes Morapedi of Cwaanyaneng village near Goodhope allegedly torched the two bedroomed house belonging to Keatlaretse Kgorotlhe, his 50-year-old live in lover following a misunderstanding over P50 which the older woman had borrowed from him.

Speaking to The Voice, Kgorotlhe said she borrowed P50 which she used to buy alcohol they both shared at a nearby drinking spot on Sunday.

She said on Monday afternoon while they were roofing a fowl run in her yard, she received numerous call me back messages from her brother who was asking her to call him back.

“Morapedi’s mood suddenly changed as he thought there were messages from another lover. He immediately demanded the P50 which I had borrowed and threatened to kill me over the debt. I once owed him lots of money, but he never behaved this way,” she said.

Kgorotlhe said she rushed to the neighbours for help and was advised to call the police who immediately came and ordered them to live apart until the matter was resolved.

The older woman then sought refuge from the neighbours.

“But as soon as the police left Morapedi opened my house and set on it on fire, I lost all my clothes and furniture. He even teased me saying ‘o shename fa, ntlo ya sha!’(loosely translated you just sitting there while your house is on fire) and told me he will be waiting for the police officers at the farm,” she said.

The police were called in again leading to the young man’s arrest.

Goodhope police station commander, Mogomotsi Kwapa confirmed the incident and that the suspect is currently in custody and likely to be charged with arson.