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Branding the future

Branding the future
OPTIMISTIC: Callistus Phologolo

Avani Gaborone Resort conference was last week inundated with scores of industry experts, suppliers and clients attending the 2nd annual Branding Forum.

Co-hosted by Cally Clothing and Amrod, the forum facilitated a platform for stakeholders in the branding business to reflect and exchange ideas on branding solutions.

The event, which was in the format of presentations and panel discussions, was designed to shift and shape thinking on effective branding solutions in today’s ultra competitive market.

Some of the issues discussed included how to unlock value through branding solutions, how to turn challenges into opportunities, leveraging from industry leaders, engaging with industry practitioners on the latest trends, innovations, strategies as well as gaining insight into the dynamics of modern brandscapes.

Giving his address at the forum, Cally Clothing Founder and Managing Director, Callistus Phologolo asserted that the volatility of trends makes it difficult to predict the clothing industry’s future.

He stressed that looking for breakthrough products which resonate with the client is the only way to get ahead in the business.

Phologolo noted that the fashion industry is ever evolving, with constantly changing trends. He believes, therefore that procurement of branding material, especially clothing, requires thorough research.

“There is nothing as bad as having people take off your branded piece of clothing because they feel it’s outdated or doesn’t fit them well,” he cautioned, adding that Cally Clothing has gone through rigorous research to ensure it delivers the latest trends.

Presenting on the effectiveness of promotional products, AMROD Co-Founder Amit Brill claimed 9 in 10 people remember the brand on the promotional product while 8 in 10 had a positive impression of the brand after receiving a promotional item.

Brill shared that 81 per cent of consumers keep promotional products for more than one year, greatly increasing a company’s presence in the mind of the consumer.