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BPL reports on La-Liga trip

BPL reports on La-Liga trip
DEAL: La Liga Africa Director with Botswana Football leadership

Spanish league to assist BPL on strategy and commercialisation

The Botswana Premier League (BPL) delegation and Botswana Football Association Chief Executive Officer recently embarked on a six day trip to Madrid, Spain to benchmark at LaLiga.

The trip came after the recent signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BPL and LaLiga in Gaborone.

The delegation met LaLiga President Javier Tebas Medrano and members of his Secretariat.

Updating the media on the trip BPL Chairman Jagdish Shah said the meeting was meant to establish a long and mutually beneficial relationship in football development between the two leagues.

He said they discussed International Relations, Commercialisation of the game, Women football, Sports projects, Economic control, Innovation and Marketing.

Shah said during the meeting the President of LaLiga declared his commitment to ensuring that the BPL gets the assistance it needs.

BPL reports on La-Liga trip
LEADERSHIP: Botswana Premier League Board Chair and Vice Chair Jagdish Shah and Solomon Mantswe

He said Medrano emphasized that implementation was important and that emphasis should be put on exchanging of best practices.

“The two leagues should not compete but rather make each other strong. LaLiga has got the capacity and the expertise to assist in this regard,” said Shah.

He said they agreed that LaLiga will assist BPL on Marketing Strategies and other needs through its offices in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Chairman said they have also learnt that LaLiga had experienced what the BPL was currently going through, being highly indebted to the players and the government treasury.

Shah said they were able to device a total turnaround strategy, through what they called an “economic control system” that was introduced and accepted by all LaLiga clubs to enhance fair competition.

“The key point of this system was principally to regulate payments of players according to club affordability. Before its introduction LaLiga clubs owed more than 90 million Euros in players’ salary arrears. These arrears through this economic control system decreased significantly afterwards,” he added.

Chairman said this was their second working visit after their trip to PSL in South Africa and what they learnt from both leagues will be put together for the betterment of local football.

Shah said the secretariat will be working on finalising a document that will be put together for presentation and adoption by the Premier League General Assembly.